“Delivering a Bright Future” & Recipes

I am starting off this week by writing about a new subject, NorthWestern Energy. NorthWestern Energy is my electricity supplier. They provide the electricity so that I may use this computer, watch television, etc.

I don’t normally pay too much attention to their monthly bill (except for the amount I owe), but this month I noticed NorthWestern Energy is not only “Delivering a Bright Future” (the company motto), but they are also delivering recipes.

Food recipes. Yes, an electricity company is now sending recipes with their bills. I wonder if our Public Service Commissioners are aware of NorthWestern Energy’s new direction into the world of food…

Recipes for “Lineman’s Sloppy Joes” and “Sweet Potato Salad” were on the front and back of a postcard inserted in the envelope with my bill along with their newsletter called “Energy Connections.”

My first thought was I wonder what “brilliant” company executive thought of this idea. My second thought was to write about it. In case you have a yearning for the recipes, here they are (the names of the people who submitted them have been redacted by me):

NE Energy 1NW Energy 2

If I have a question about substituting an ingredient in the recipe can I call NorthWestern Energy Customer Contact Center’s toll free number for answers or guidance?

I am thinking of sending NorthWestern Energy my recipes for Chicken Fried Rice or Meat Loaf. Maybe they will cut 10% off my next electricity bill if the folks in the corporate office really really like it…

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