The Supreme Law of the Land

Happy Washington’s Birthday (or Presidents Day)!

In case you missed the news late Friday afternoon, the Associated Press (AP) reported “Montana moved a step closer Friday to declaring that local sheriffs are the supreme law of the land and trying to nullify any federal crackdown on assault rifles.”

Great googly moogly…

The AP also quoted State Representative Ellie Hill (D-Missoula) for the story who said, “To call the sheriffs in our state the supreme law of the land, I find that absurd. What is the message we are sending to Montana and the rest of the nation?” 

Uh…maybe they are sending the message that some Montanans are wackos?

If these local sheriffs become “the supreme law of the land” they would be some of the same folks who said they alone would decide on whether something is constitutional or not.

Does anyone else hear the voice of the immortal Clark W. Griswold saying, “This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy…”

And we still have over halfway to go in the 63rd Montana Legislature.


2 thoughts on “The Supreme Law of the Land

  1. I think assault weapons are here to stay but you better damn well have a license for one, especially if you’re going to brandish it in public, be background checked and have gun insurance just like car insurance ~ or go to jail. This is what I’m bucking for. And I’m sick of gun-owners misinterpreting the 2nd amendment. If you think you’re going to stop the government from taking your cherished assault rifle if it wants to take it, don’t be suprized to find your house leveled by a drone ~ while I’m cutting my grass next door. I’ll be glad to see you’re not brandishing your weapon anymore…

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