Wednesday’s Political Potpourri

Hang in there – It’s Wednesday and the weekend is starting to come into sight! You can make it!

Today several items in the news caught my attention like the Inaugural Ball, the Champ, Flint’s chase, Friends of Max Baucus, How many lawyers, and a note from the queen. There’s more so read on…

Get Your Tickets:

Montana Governor Steve Bullock and Lt. Governor John Walsh have announced two events to mark the inauguration of their new administration.

The first event (Inaugural Ball) is Saturday, February 9, 2013, at the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds in Helena. It runs from 7:00 p.m. – Midnight.

The second event is the “Childrens’ Inaugural Ball” on Sunday, February 10, 2013, from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Although for the Children’s ball they say there will be “Carnival Food & Activities,” this event is being held at the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds and not at the Montana Legislature…

More info can be found by clicking HERE.

Champ Edmunds:

Lee Newspapers reported that Republican State Representative Champ Edmunds from Missoula has indicted that he is “exploring” the possibility of running against Democrat U.S. Senator Max Baucus in 2014.

It’s smart for Edmunds to get an early start. He needs the time along with tons of money to buy name recognition. Anyone considering a run at Baucus should be getting their name out there to gauge support from the party insiders.

Realistically, Baucus’ biggest concern is former Governor Brian Schweitzer – the senate seat in Montana is his if he wants it. The GOP bench is weak. Former Congressman Denny Rehberg, current Congressman Steve Daines, and current Attorney General Tim Fox are about the only ones who have the name recognition to mount a serious challenge to Baucus.

Exclusive Chase Scene:

Speaking of Senator Max Baucus, Voices of Montana radio host Aaron Flint (Montana’s Sean Hannity) chased Baucus through a hotel lobby asking him questions about an article from a right-leaning Washington, D.C. Newspaper. You can watch the “dramatic” video HERE.

If the radio gig grows old for Flint, he may have a future as a candidate tracker for the GOP…

Friends of Max Baucus:

The campaign is busy raising money and we’re seeing Baucus on TV and mentioned in the newspapers more and more as he is “in cycle” for the 2014 election.

It is fun to watch Baucus manipulate the Montana media.

In his most recent campaign e-mail, Baucus writes, “January is a chance for us to get off to a running start. Our campaign has a goal to raise $5,000 by the end of the month. Contribute $10 or more right now to help out.”

Question: How many lawyers…

…have applied to Senator Baucus for consideration for the two federal judgeship openings in Montana? Answer: Thirty – according to a story in Lee Newspapers today.

Hopefully they will find someone under 50 years old who can serve several years…and tell good clean jokes…

A Note from Queen:

According to a story in Monday’s Livingston (Montana) Enterprise, “A former (Republican) state legislator (Joel Boniek) from the Paradise Valley is due in court today, although he requested the state compensate him $85,000 per day for a hearing or trial and provide a letter of permission from either Queen Elizabeth or the former legislator himself to allow the state to ‘plunder’ his estate.”

Nonetheless, on Monday afternoon the Enterprise reported that a May 10, 2013, jury trial date was set to decide the misdemeanor charges (resisting arrest, failing to stop at a roadblock, and fleeing from officers). You can watch the video of the incident HERE.

Making Montana proud…

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