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Welcome to Monday and Monday Morning Politics! To those of you getting a day off because of Veterans Day, enjoy it. My flag was flown yesterday and it is flying today! Thank you fellow Veterans!

Today in Monday Morning Politics I take a look at Yellowstone County, a Tribune question, examining the Tester and Bullock wins, the Superintendent of Public Instruction race, Seeking a silver lining, Canceling the parade, Directions, Best Polls/Worst Polls, the Mormon vote, SNL and Romney, and a Thank you! There’s more so read on…

Yellowstone County (MT):

According to the Lee Newspapers, Yellowstone County officials finished counting votes and the “unofficial final results” were posted at about 3:00 p.m. on Friday.

Let’s pause to congratulate Yellowstone County on finishing the count about 67 HOURS after the polls closed. Geez…

By the way, Florida’s 29 electoral votes were declared for Barack Obama on Saturday. Double geez…

Tribune Question:

On Friday the Great Falls (MT) Tribune asked their readers, “Do you think the third-party candidacy of Libertarian Dan Cox cost Rep. Denny Rehberg the Senate seat he tried to take from Jon Tester?” On Saturday, the results were revealed and 39% of the 168 votes voted “YES” and 61% voted “NO.”

Some of the comments were interesting. One person said, “No. Rehberg shot himself in the foot. He brought it on himself.” Another person said, “No. It was Rehberg’s drunken boat ride that caused him to lose.” Finally, another person said, “No. How many fire departments did Jon Tester sue?”

How Did Tester Win?

The easy answer is that Jon Tester received more votes than Denny Rehberg, but Lee Newspaper reporter Mike Dennison delves deeper into the results and gives readers his ideas on why Tester won.

On Wednesday I wrote about the Tester/Rehberg/Cox race. You can read that column HERE.

Currently, Democrat Tester has 48.3% of the vote for U.S. Senator. Republican Rehberg has 44.9% and Libertarian Dan Cox has 6.5%.

The Montana Legislature should really look at the fact, that in several elections, the winning candidate did not get over 50% (50% plus one vote). It might be worth a look to see if Montanans would like to change the Montana election rules/law so that if no candidate receives a 50% plus one majority, the top two candidates who receive the most votes will have a runoff election a week or two later.

How Did Bullock Win?

Lee Newspaper reporter Charles Johnson probes the Democrat Steve Bullock/Republican Rick Hill race for Montana Governor and gives us his thoughts.

Currently Bullock leads Hill by about 6,226 votes and Bullock has 48.7% of the vote to Hill’s 47.4. Libertarian candidate Ron Vandevender has 3.7% of the vote.

This may be another example of the winner of a statewide race not getting 50% of the vote.

Superintendent of Public Instruction:

The race between Democrat Denise Juneau and Republican Sandy Welch is very interesting and may go to a recount! Currently, Juneau leads Welch by about 1,374 votes or 50.07% to 49.77% (0.3).

According to the Montana Secretary of State’s website:

If the margin of difference is greater than 1/4 of 1%, but less than 1/2 of 1%, the defeated candidate requesting a recount must post a bond with the clerk and recorder of the county in which the candidate resides. The bond must be in an amount set by the clerk and recorder sufficient to cover all costs of the recount incurred by each county in which a recount is sought, including loss of time of regular employees caused by absence from their regular duties. A bond is not required when the margin of difference is less than 1/4 of 1%.

I imagine it might be expensive to post a bond for the recount – especially for all or most counties…

Seeking Silver Linings:

On Sunday, the Great Falls Tribune published a story about “Republicans seek silver linings after Tuesday’s disappointment” and looks at statewide races all the way down to the legislative races.

Although the GOP controls the state House and state Senate, Democrat Governor Steve Bullock will be there to prevent the Republicans from doing a version of “Legislators Gone Wild” for 90 days…

Cancel the Parade:

The Great Falls Tribune also published a pretty interesting story about “How the polls, money failed Montana’s Senate race.”

This was Montanan’s nastiest and most expensive race ever – probably until next time…


A Tulsa, Oklahoma, traffic reporter gives directions to Canada in case Republicans want to leave the United States after their candidate, Mitt Romney, lost.

I guess home sales will be going up…

Best Polls/Worst Polls:

The blog FiveThirtyEight tells us “Which Polls Fared Best (and Worst) in the 2012 Presidential Race.”

A few polling firms listed in this report might look for other work…

Mormon Vote: published a story about “A Pew Research survey of voters by religion found that a higher percentage of Mormons voted for George W. Bush in 2004 than Mitt Romney in 2012. According to Pew, in 2004 Bush got 80 percent of the Mormon vote, while Romney got 78 percent this year.”

SNL Covers Romney:

In the Saturday Night Live opening, Mitt Romney is on his balcony election night, acting very sad and slamming down few cartons of milk. His son tells him to come inside because Paul Ryan is performing feats of strength and mother thought he would like to see it. Romney says, I would have liked to see him CARRY WISCONSIN.

He also throws Karl Rove off the balcony after Rove asks him for $300 million.

Funny stuff…

Romneys Say Thank You:

Mitt and Ann Romney sent an e-mail on Saturday saying, “Ann and I cannot thank you enough for supporting and believing in our cause” and “Today’s a new day. Keep believing in America.”

I imagine Mitt Romney will now become a Fox News contributor…

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  1. I could not agree more with your comment on having a runoff election with <50% of votes going to one candidate. Tester's friends funded all those ads for Cox, and I can only imagine that happening more in future elections (It's worked twice for Tester so far!).

  2. I think Sandy Welch will find it easier to post hefty bonds than to find 1375 votes. More at

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