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Monday Morning Politics is brought to you by the number 15 today – there are just 15 days until General Election Day (Nov. 6)!

Tonight we have the final Presidential debate and Fox News has already declared Romney the winner (just joking). We do have the final debate tonight (7:00 Mountain time) and Monday Night Football (Lions v. Bears), plus Major League Baseball’s National League Championship Series (Cardinals v. Giants) game seven. These are tough choices for the viewers!

Today I take a look at a brutal endorsement, the final U.S. Senate debate, Hill’s money, U.S. House candidates’ profiles, Darrell Issa, Romnesia, and much more…

Brutal Endorsement:

Montana’s largest newspaper, the Billings Gazette, endorsed U.S. Senator Jon Tester over Congressman Denny Rehberg (whose home is in Billings). They were brutally honest, too. A few interesting points from the Gazette Editorial Board:

-A hard-working moderate, Sen. Jon Tester has accomplished more for Montana in his first term than Rep. Denny Rehberg has in twice that time.
-Tester made Montana veterans his top priority.
-Tester as the candidate best able to work across the aisle and get important things done for Montana and the country.

That endorsement will leave a mark…

Final MT U.S. Senate Debate:

The Saturday night debate between U.S. Senator Jon Tester and Congressman Denny Rehberg was the final one. It was televised state-wide and lasted an hour. There were a couple of commercial breaks. There were some technical difficulties, too.

Lee Newspapers has two stories about the debate HERE and HERE. The Associated Press covered the story HERE.

I thought Tester scored some points when he said Rehberg supported a voucher program for Medicare and placed Rehberg on the defense.

The Western Word poll asked who won the debate and voters picked Tester 80% to 20%.

Money, it’s a gas…

I wrote in my column on Thursday that the $500,000 donation given to gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill by the Montana Republican Party “may harm the Hill campaign.”

The Great Falls Tribune asked their readers on Friday, “Should gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill return the $500,000 given to him by the Republican party?”

62% of those responding said “Yes” and 38% said “No.”

Lee Newspapers followed up Sunday with an article about the donation. You can read it HERE.

Even Lt. Governor John Bohlinger (a Republican) sent an e-mail through Steve Bullock’s (Hill’s opponent) campaign with the subject, “Give it back Rick” saying, “Like most Montanans, I was taught to play by the rules. Our candidates for office should do the same, because our elections shouldn’t be corrupted.”

Bohlinger also asked readers to sign a petition at

U.S. House Race Profiles:

The Associated Press did their profile stories on U.S. House candidates Kim Gillan (D) and Steve Daines (R). You can read the profile of Gillan HERE and the profile of Daines HERE. Both are well over 1000 words…

Darrell Issa:

Rep. Darrell Issa, (R-California), who is chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is doing his best to use the Libya attack as a political tool to help defeat President Obama. He recently released sensitive documents that some say “compromised the identities of several Libyans working with the U.S. government and placed their lives in danger”

Issa forgets that country comes before political party. Shame on him…


President Barack Obama came up with a new word to describe Mitt Romney on Friday – he called it Romnesia – “a disorder he jokingly describes as Mitt Romney’s changing of opinions to please different groups of voters” according to this story. Here’s the video:

The good news is that Obamacare covers Romnesia! Funny!

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