Monday Morning Politics

50 is the number today –  there are just 50 days until General Election Day (Nov. 6) and just 22 days until absentee ballots are mailed (Oct. 9 in Montana).

Welcome to Monday and Monday Morning Politics!  Today I take a look at F-15 fireworks, reaching the undecided, budget busters, Romney’s middle class, and Romney’s bumbling and stumbling around the Republican convention.  There’s a lot more so read on…

Friday F-15 Fireworks:

On Friday I wrote about the U.S. House passing a six-month continuing resolution to keep the government running by a vote of 329-91.  Congressman Denny Rehberg voted no.

The bill contained language prohibiting the military from moving Montana’s F-15s that are currently stationed at the Montana Air National Guard near Great Falls.

It did not take long for U.S. Senator Jon Tester, who Rehberg is running against, to let everyone know that “Rehberg votes against Montana’s F-15 mission, jobs.”  A Tester spokeswoman said, “Because of election year politics, Dennis Rehberg put his own agenda ahead of Montana and failed to stand up for our F-15 mission and the hundreds of jobs it supports.”

I can’t wait to see the campaign ad…

Rehberg issued a statement (to a local Great Falls television station, but not to The Western Word) saying, “All Montanans got with this bill was more wasteful spending, more funding for the implementation of the Obama Health Care Law, and more kicking the can down the road on the tough decisions.  Congress needs to stay in session until its work is done.  Period.”

It’s interesting that out of 420 members of Congress voting for or against the bill about 78% supported it, but not Congressman Rehberg.

Reaching the Undecided:

The Great Falls Tribune published an interesting story on Sunday about the political process called, “Democrats, Republicans use different methods to reach the undecided” in trying to get the 4% to 7% of undecided voters to come to their side.

The bottom line is that undecided voters will get many phone calls and many visits to their homes sometimes bordering on harassment.

Jack’s Helpful hint:  When the campaign worker calls or visits your home tell them you are voting for their candidate (whether you are or not)…

Budget Busters:

Lee Newspapers published a couple of stories over the weekend about the measures both Senator Jon Tester and his challenger, Congressman Denny Rehberg, have voted for that ballooned the national debt.  You can read the stories HERE and HERE.

No matter what the cause, it’s well past time to stop excessive spending.  Tough times are here for a long time I believe…

Really Out of Touch:

There’s probably nothing better to tell if a candidate is out of touch with real America then to hear him define the “middle class.”  The Associated Press reported, “The Republican presidential nominee defined it Friday as household income of $200,000 to $250,000 — five times what the average American household make.”

If Team Romney would have read “Thursday Numbers” here at The Western Word they would know “Real median household income in the United States in 2011 was $50,054.”

I am beginning to think Romney’s elevators (including the one for his cars) do not go to the top floor…


Politico has an interesting story posted regarding Mitt Romney’s team and the mess leading up to (and including) the Republican National Convention where they report, “The hasty process resulted in a colossal oversight: Romney did not include a salute to troops serving in war zones, and did not mention Al Qaeda or Afghanistan, putting him on the defensive on national security just as the Middle East was about to erupt.  It was also very light on policy specifics…”

By all accounts, Mitt Romney should be running away with this race, but if the election were held today he would lose.  Conservatives are getting restless and tired of Romney and they may not show up to vote.  Romney missed a great chance to connect to voters during the convention and failed.  His only chance is the debates – and that’s a long-shot.

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