Wednesday’s Political Potpourri

Readers:  Today is National PTSD Awareness Day – please visit this website to learn more and how to help.  Also please join me in keeping those who are fighting the wildfires across the Rocky Mountain West in your thoughts and prayers – please be safe out there!

Here we are just about 24 hours from finding out from the U.S. Supreme Court about healthcare law.  Also, they will be ruling on the constitutionality of the Stolen Valor Act.  Those two things and the possibity that the U.S. House may vote to hold U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt should make for an interesting Thursday – so follow me on Twitter to keep up with the latest!

Today on The Western Word, I take a look at some polls, Charlie Rangel, Orrin Hatch, Montana Governor’s race fundraising, candidates’ debt, and much more – so read on!Dislike:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey told us “53% Say Neither Party Represents American People.”

In other news, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon…

Charlie Charlie:

Roll Call reports “Twenty-one-term Rep. Charlie Rangel, the Democratic icon who chaired the powerful House Ways and Means Committee and was a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus, survived the fiercest primary challenge of his career Tuesday night.”

In case you did not know it, Charlie Rangel is a veteran of the U.S. Army.  He served in Korea where he was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.  Hero!

Orrin Orrin:

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch handily won his Republican primary Tuesday night.  He should easily win reelection to a seventh term.

The Tea Party was just beaten in Utah and that should cause you to break out in a smile (and maybe a song) on this Wednesday…

If Hatch wins his general election matchup, he says this will be his last term.  It will be nice to see if he becomes independent and bucks the party (and his weak leader, Mitch McConnell).  Since Hatch won’t have to worry about raising money, he can now vote the way he actually feels.  That would be refreshing to see for a change.

I also have a unicorn for sale…


A new poll from Gallup tells us that in the likability department Barack Obama comes in at 81% and Mitt Romney comes in at 64%.  In the “Shares Your Values” area, Obama leads Romney 53%-45%.

Romney has a long ways to go with his image – he comes across as very rich and out of touch with regular people…

The other night Mitt Romney’s sons visited the Conan show.  After they left, Conan O’Brien tweeted, “@MittRomney – Had your sons on #Conan tonight.  After they left, I found $20,000 in the couch cushions.”

That perception of Mitt Romney will be hard to overcome…


The latest fundraising reports are in and according to a story by the Associated Press, Montana Governor Candidate Steve Bullock (D) “raised nearly $200,000 over the past month” and Governor Candidate Rick Hill (R) raised $55,000.

I think the supporters of Rick Hill are probably alarmed that Hill was outraised so significantly by Bullock…

Money & Debt:

Lee Newspapers takes a look at some of the fundraising for other statewide races in Montana.  One of the interesting things reported is that Attorney General Candidates Pam Bucy and Tim Fox both have a lot of debt.  “Fox reported debts of nearly $45,000” and “Bucy reported more than $38,000 in debts” according to Lee Newspapers.

Both campaigns will be hitting the phones to raise some serious coin…

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