Politics 2012: Primary Election Day in Montana!

If you stop to think about it we are very fortunate to live in a country where we get to vote for the candidate we choose – or we don’t even have to vote.  That is a pretty darn nice choice we’re given.

It’s a right that many brave people have fought and died for over the years.

Freedom.  Liberty.  Patriotism.  These are a few of the things I think about when I am marking my ballot.  I’m not really thinking about the campaign ads or the money spent on the election or lobbyists or beef or baloney.  It’s me making the choice I like.

Speaking of choices, they were really tough this year because there are so many great candidates on both ballots (Montana law requires that you pick which party you will vote for and only use that ballot in the Primary Election).

Tonight many of the candidates will sleep like babies, meaning they will wake up every couple of hours and start crying…

Thanks to all the candidates for throwing their name in the hat and running for public office.  You make this country great.

According to this website, Montana is one of several states holding primaries today.  Plus there’s the recall election in Wisconsin that a lot of people are watching.  The Associated Press (AP) and several other sources say this is the third recall election of a governor in history.  The other two were California Governor Gray Davis in 2003 and North Dakota Governor Lynn Frazier in 1921.  Davis and Frazier were thrown out of office.

If you don’t understand the Wisconsin recall election, read THIS.

The biggest races I will be watching from The Western Word World Headquarters here in Montana are GOP Governor, Democratic U.S. House, Attorney General, GOP Secretary of State.  Plus there’s a contested state House/Senate race or two that I have my eyes on.

Since there will be some write-in candidates in the Primary, I imagine some of the results will be delayed – so it may be a late night (so pace yourself).

To keep up with all the election news here in Montana there’s only one person you need to follow on Twitter and that’s me @TheWesternWord.  I’ll be here until the cows come home.