Politics 2012: Polls, START, Trump, & Spelling

We made it to Wednesday, congratulations!  This afternoon it’s officially acceptable to start thinking about and planning your weekend!

Today on The Western Word (TWW), I talk about the latest poll results, the START Treaty debate, Independent Candidates getting a small break, Clinching, the Trump factor, the Polish issue, spelling, and much more!

TWW Poll Results:

On Tuesday and until about 8:00 a.m. this morning, The Western Word (TWW) conducted a one-day poll asking, “Who are you voting for in the Republican Primary for Montana Secretary of State?”  Here are the results:

Scott Aspenlieder – 77%

Brad Johnson – 15%

Patty Lovaas – 2%

Drew Turiano – 2%

None – 4%

Thanks to all who participated!  This was not a scientific poll.  I will be posting a new one-day poll later this morning!

More START Treaty:

Yesterday I wrote about the Point/Counterpoint from Congressman Denny Rehberg and U.S. Senator Jon Tester regarding the START Treaty.  The Great Falls (Montana) Tribune followed up by asking their readers, “Do you support the New START treaty with Russia?”  There were 351 voters in the unscientific poll and 40% said “Yes” and 60% said “No.”

Although both Rehberg and Tester are pretty ignorant when it comes to defense/military issues, the START Treaty issue is something that might get some traction in and around Great Falls during the 2012 campaign – but that’s about it. Most of the rest of the state can’t figure out where the Air National Guard Base is located in Great Falls.

A Little Easier:

Three cheers go to U.S. District Judge Sam Haddon for striking down Montana’s early filing deadline for Independent candidates.  Independent candidates still have to gather thousands of signatures which make it difficult for candidates to run as an Independent (just the way the Democrats and Republicans like it).

We need Independent candidates and the Montana Legislature should make it easier for them to run for office.  Independent candidates should have the same rules to run for office in Montana as Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians.  The 2013 Legislature should make it happen.

Romney Clinches:

Mitt Romney received 105 delegates last night in Texas, and that put him over the top on his way to be the Republican nominee for President.  It will become official at the Republican National Convention in August.

There’s really little excitement surrounding Romney’s candidacy.  It’s boring and Romney is boring.  That is good for the Obama Campaign.

Trump Factor:

Jim Messina, the Campaign Manager for Barack Obama, tweeted yesterday, “two words define Mitt Romney today: Donald Trump.”

True.  Very true.  The Associated Press reported yesterday, “Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign collided with Donald Trump’s “birther” rhetoric on Tuesday as the reality television star hosted a fundraiser for the Republican while claiming again that President Barack Obama is foreign-born.”

It would be refreshing to hear a candidate or elected official take a stand against the fringe members of their party and tell them to take their conspiracies and go to h***.  We won’t see that because they are afraid of losing votes.


President Barack Obama stumbled during a speech on Tuesday saying a Nazi facility used to process Jews for extermination was a “Polish death camp.”  Obama later apologized.

During campaign season the lack of attention to detail by a candidate (and his/her team) can cause great harm and take the candidate off message…


I spelled “America” so the folks working on the Romney Campaign can copy it for their new App.  They spelled it “Amercia” on their new iPhone App.

By the way, this “error” should cause the conspiracy theorists to worry a little because it has “CIA” at the end…

I am now retreating back into my bunker…

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