Tuesday Potpourri

Here we are folks – Super Tuesday.  I know I know I’m yawning, too.  Today is “Tuesday Potpourri” day where I take a look at some of the more interesting stories I’ve read in the last 24 hours.

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Today I write about Barbara Bush, Bin Laden, terrorists, Walter, a treatise, silliness from a District Court, Milking it, O’Reilly and Cebull, and being in the red.  There’s a lot more…

Super Tuesday:

Here we are – it’s Super Tuesday!  But this Tuesday does not seem that “Super” to me.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush was quoted the other day saying that 2012 is ‘the Worst Campaign I’ve Ever Seen.’

Although Barbara Bush leans toward Romney, I think it’s the weakest crop of GOP Presidential candidates in years.  Nobody really excites the voters and if nobody excites the voters, they will stick with the incumbent. 

Bin Laden:

According to this story, Bin Laden was not actually buried at sea, but his body was moved on a CIA plane to Dover AFB, Delaware.

There’s no truth to the rumor that a Republican Montana State Representative sent a letter asking for verification…


Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday that it’s OK to kill American-born terrorists.

Remember when your mother said you were a “little terror” or that “you terrorized” the neighborhood?  You should really watch out…

I Miss Walter:

On this date in 1981, Walter Cronkite signed off for the last time as anchorman of “The CBS Evening News.”

I think a lot of confidence in news reporting left with Walter Cronkite…

The Rehberg Treatise:

I happened to catch an essay/treatise/thesis from the Denny Rehberg for Senate Campaign Communications Director with the title, “More campaign finance hypocrisy from Sen. Jon Tester….”

It leads off with the greeting, “Good afternoon, folks—.”  It went downhill from there.

The treatise went on and on and on so much so that I was thinking that Ted Kaczynski would be proud of its length.  Brevity grasshopper.  Brevity…

Don’t Call Us:

According to a story in the Great Falls (Montana) Tribune, “The 8th District Court in Cascade County is asking members of the public to stop writing and calling the judge presiding over the case of a man accused of killing three people in a crash outside the Loading Zone bar in September.”

That’s pure silliness from the 8th District Court.  Silliness.

As for background, the Cascade County (Great Falls, Montana) Attorney’s Office recommended a 15 year sentence with 10 years suspended.  The judge can accept or reject the plea agreement.

In my opinion, the Cascade County Attorney should not be re-elected to office for agreeing to that sentence, and if the judge accepts it he/she should not be reelected.  The Cascade County Attorney and District Court has shown they are very weak in prosecuting and sentencing DUI offenders.  It’s also interesting that the plea hearing just happened to be assigned to a judge who is not running for reelection this year…

Milking it:

On Tuesday, the folks at the Great Falls Tribune milked the Judge Cebull story a little more.  This time it was a double whammy with a front page (above the fold) story about the Montana Human Rights Network calling for Cebull to resign, and they listed some of the online comments on their editorial page.

As they say in Vegas “Let it ride!”

O’Reilly on Cebull:

After watching Jeopardy last night and then channel surfing, I happened to catch the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News where they were talking about Federal District Judge Richard Cebull.  You can watch the 5:34 segment HERE.

Imitate the Feds:

The Federal Government is about $16 billion (BILLION) in the red.  The City of Great Falls (Montana) recently announced they are $7 million in the red.

The City of Great Falls went into the electricity business a few years ago.  Nobody knew how to run the business.  Ironically, the most knowledgeable person about the whole mess is probably a local newspaper reporter and not anyone elected or working for the City of Great Falls…


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