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There you are – you made it through this long week and Friday is well underway – Congratulations!  So now you deserve to take a few minutes of your time to enjoy another exciting edition of Caught My Eye.

Caught My Eye is my weekly column where I take a brief look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week – and often offer some commentary.

Today I take a look at defense/military news, how we are getting debated to death, the political practices job opening, a couple birthdays, Jeopardy, I share some e-mails from my political inbox, I celebrate a milestone on Twitter, and much more!


As first Tweeted @TheWesternWord the C-27J transport plane program is slated to be eliminated by the Department of Defense (DOD).  The DOD also wants to have a couple more rounds of BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure).

The Great Falls Tribune has the Montana Congressional Delegation’s response to the news HERE.  (Psst…they expressed concerns).

One thing to consider is this is just a plan put forth by the Obama Administration, but the state of Montana (or at least the Great Falls area) needs to get some people hired who do nothing but promote the state to defense companies, follow the issues surrounding the Montana military, put a plan in place to save the assets Montana has, and work with state and federal leaders in promoting the state as a place that is welcoming to the military and defense industry.  Yes, it will cost some money – and if the state and local governments can’t afford it, do some fundraising.  It’s an investment.

Debate #19:

These GOP Presidential debates are torture.  There are way too many.  The Republican Party really messed up having this many debates.  It may cost them in November.

Last night CNN hosted another one in Florida.  Overall, Rick Santorum performed well especially on the religion issues.  Newt Gingrich nailed the ultra-rich Mitt Romney over Romney’s Swiss bank account (that he initially failed to disclose) saying something like “How many Presidents do you know who have Swiss bank accounts?”


Romney may have some serious problems over his failure to disclose.  The Los Angeles Times has the story HERE.

The next debate is February 22.

Political Practices Job:

Earn $57,689 a year and live in Helena, Montana!  Applications are due today to be Montana’s commissioner of political practices.  Four have applied already (not me).  You can get the information on where to send your application HERE.

The Governor can pick whomever he wants.

The Associated Press reports that “partisan maneuvering” is alive and well in the process.  You can read that story HERE.

As I have written many times, the political practices office is broken…

Happy Birthday:

Keith Olbermann turns 53 today!

Chief Justice John Roberts turns 57 years old today!

Who is…

Yes, I watch Jeopardy (to keep my brain functioning while I wait for the call up to the big leagues) so it was surprising the other night when MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s photo was shown and none of the contestants knew her.

You can see that moment HERE.

Jack’s Political Inbox:

Almost every week I take a few of the e-mails I received that “Caught My Eye” and share them with my faithful readers – and I add some comments.  Here are five that made the cut this week…

Preston Elliott, the campaign manager for Jon Tester, sent me an e-mail on Thursday with the subject “Decision” in which he writes, “Jon’s right – the Montana Supreme Court decision to take a stand against Citizens United was a big deal.  But you know what other decision is a big deal?  Yours – your decision whether or not to be part of our campaign’s drive to raise the last $8,485 of our January fundraising goal.”

With all that money being raised by Tester, I would think the unemployment rate will drop to about 3% in Montana this summer after he hires about 10,000 people to work on his campaign (hopefully the campaigns will hire Montanans – you know because they push that “native Montanan” thing all the time)

-The Montana Republican Party sent me an e-mail early Tuesday afternoon with the subject, “1000 Days of No Budget” in which they sent a link to a video put out by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (WATCH HERE) and they also tell me that it only took 410 days to build the Empire State building.

That “410 days” info about the Empire State building is golden trivia information.  Thanks!

Erik Iverson, the campaign manager for Denny Rehberg, sent me an e-mail late Tuesday afternoon with the same theme as the Montana GOP.  The subject was “1,000 days of Tester’s hypocrisy…” and Iverson asks, “Did you know it’s been 1,000 days since Senator Tester and his party bosses in the Democrat-run U.S. Senate have passed a budget?”

I heard that somewhere…

Jim Messina, the campaign manager for Barack Obama, sent me an e-mail on Wednesday with the subject, “State of the Union” and he writes, “Last night, the President went to Congress and defined in clear terms what we’re going to be fighting for in the months ahead.  That means that right now, it’s on us to get his back and work like hell to build this campaign.  If we want to see this President re-elected, it’s time: Add your name and say you’re standing with the President — and our shared vision for this country.”

The good news for Mr. Messina and the President is that people are just not too excited about the four remaining GOP Presidential candidates (Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul) and if the voters are not too excited, they may just want to stay with the status quo (or stay home and not vote). 

Siri Smillie, Volunteer Coordinator/Field Director for the Friends of Steve Bullock, sent me an e-mail with the subject, “The Great Bullock Bumper Sticker Challenge” where she asks, “Can you find five friends who are willing to put a Bullock bumper sticker on their car?  Just fill in their information here and we’ll send them stickers.”

Sorry, I don’t have five friends…


I now have over 500 followers on Twitter!  Pop the cork!  The 500th follower is @walterpolhemuw of Chesapeake, VA.

I made it to 500 without the help of a television station.  Or a radio station!  Or a newspaper!  It was without the help of paid staff or on the government’s dime!

Add Me:

Hey campaign workers – just think if you added the to your media e-mail lists you might get some free publicity for your candidate.  If you followed me @TheWesternWord you would be in the know!  What are you waiting for?

One More Thing:

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