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Today is a pretty sad day because the next football game is Saturday.  We’ve had football games to watch (college and professional) almost every day since mid-December, and now it’s winding down with only the NFL playoffs left.

I don’t really get into basketball until about March.

Almost every week during the football season I’ve written a Tuesday column about the past weekend’s games.  This week I take a look at the National Championship game, the wild card weekend, the FCS championship, a former coach returns, and honors.


Wild Card Weekend:

We had to wait until the final game of Wild Card weekend between the Steelers and Broncos for an exciting game – as the Texans easily whipped the Bengals, the Saints held off the Lions and the Giants manhandled the Falcons.

The Steelers/Broncos game drew 45 million viewers.  Right after Tim Tebow threw the 80-yard touchdown pass in overtime, Twitter set a new “sports Tweets per sec record: 9420.”

Now here comes the Divisional round – which in my opinion is the best weekend to watch the NFL playoffs – four games and great teams!

Tim Tebow:

What can you say – Tim Tebow has been blessed.  He believes (as I do) in a higher power and while football is important to him, he believes that God has even greater plans for him.  He mentioned that God gave him this “platform” (football player).  God is first in his life and, while it might be hard for some people to understand why, it works for Tebow.

Tebow threw for 316 yards and that garnered some attention as in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

In college, Tebow would write John and 3:16 on his eye black patches.  The NFL does not allow messages on eye black patches.

No matter what people say or believe, Tim Tebow is one of the great stories of the 2011-12 NFL season

Kansas City Chiefs:

My Kansas City Chiefs hired Romeo Crennel as their head coach on Monday.  Crennel won two out of three games (against playoff teams) as interim head coach.  Overall, Crennel has a head coaching record of 26 wins and 41 losses.  That’s a .388 winning percentage.

The Kansas City Star conducted an unscientific poll and as of this morning, 63% say Crennel deserved the job, 14% said it’s a bad move and 23% say it’s too soon to tell.

I am not too excited about the hire.  We’ll see.

What to Watch (Saturday):

-New Orleans at San Francisco (2:30 Mountain) (FOX)

-Denver at New England (6:00 Mountain) (CBS)

What to Watch (Sunday):

-Houston at Baltimore (11:00 Mountain) (CBS)

-New York Giants at Green Bay (2:30 Mountain) (FOX)

Coming Up:

AFC Championship – Sunday, January 22 (1:00 Mountain) (CBS)

NFC Championship – Sunday, January 22 (4:30 Mountain) (FOX)

Pro Bowl – Sunday, January 29 (Hawaii)

Super Bowl – Sunday, February 5 (4:30 Mountain) (NBC) In Indianapolis.


Although I enjoyed the beat-down Alabama put on LSU last night (21-0), I hope that the major colleges and conferences get together and start a playoff system.  Start it with just the top four teams (the plus one idea) and let that grow – use the bowl games – just make it decided on the field.

Alabama last played about 44 days before last night and LSU waited about 36 days, so there is time to play another game (or two).



Wow.  I totally enjoyed the FCS Championship game on Saturday between #1 Sam Houston State and #2 North Dakota State.  North Dakota State beat Sam Houston State 17-6.   It is nice that this championship is decided on the field. Congrats to North Dakota State!

Joe Glenn:

The Montana Grizzlies will open their 2012 season against South Dakota which is now coached by former Griz coach, Joe Glenn.  Glenn, age 62, is one of the better coaches ever employed by the Grizzlies, was 39-6 as Griz coach and he led them to one National Championship in 2001.  They were runner-up in 2000.

Rob Ash:

Congratulations are in order for Montana State University head football coach Rob Ash.  He was named the 2011 Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Award winner for the FCS.

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