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Merry Christmas!  I bet (not $10,000 like Mitt Romney) that you are in full holiday mode and may already have your shopping done!  Since most of the NFL games are on Saturday this week, I will be doing some shopping today.

If you are new to The Western Word, Caught My Eye is where I take a brief look at some of the stories that I did not have time to comment about during the week – and sometimes offer my personal commentary about them – sometimes with a little sarcasm.

This week I take a look at the payroll tax issue, the kiss, defense, big posteriors, I share some holiday greetings from politicians from my political inbox, I comment about Romney’s (hidden) tax returns, I let you know that Huntsman rocks, and much much more!They Blinked:

The House Republicans blinked on the payroll tax issue.  Some headlines say “House Republican leaders cave, agree to pass two-month tax bill” and other headlines were not that kind.

Since politics is a competition, there have to be winners and losers.  The Hill has a list HERE.

I have always felt House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor were weak leaders.  Some folks think they should be replaced.

This Kiss:

In case you missed it, it is a Navy tradition to have a “first-kiss” when ships return to port – but this time it was different.  According to this article, Navy officials said it was the first time a same-sex couple was chosen to have the first kiss.

Which reminds me of the Faith Hill song, “This Kiss” which you can watch the video of HERE.

Defense (clap, clap) Defense:

It was a pretty tough headline on the top of the opinion page of the Great Falls Tribune on Thursday. Former Great Falls Mayor Randy Gray wrote a guest opinion with the headline, “Tester understands defense program; Rehberg doesn’t.”


My first thought (besides thinking ouch) was “No he doesn’t.”  Sadly for the Montana Guard, Malmstrom AFB, and their supporters, the three members of the Congressional delegation lack knowledge of defense and military issues.

Gray’s guest opinion was purely political – Great Falls and Cascade County will be the battleground area for the Tester/Rehberg Senate race in 2012 – you read it HERE first – so look for more of these volleys to be fired. 


Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner(Wisconsin) has apologized for saying First Lady Michelle Obama’s posterior was “large.”  Sensenbrenner reminds me of the late Chris Farley (except he is not funny).

All this brings up memories of the song, “Baby Got Back” also known as “I Like Big Butts” from Sir Mix A Lot.  Enjoy the video HERE.

A Father:

My father passed away in December (several years ago) and my mother in January (a few years ago) so this time of year is always a little depressing for me.

I happened to catch a column called “My Father: A Rememberance” written by Don Pogreba over at Intelligent Discontent.  It’s a good read.  You can catch it HERE.

Jack’s Political Inbox:

With the holiday approaching, many politicians and groups are sending “Happy Holidays” e-mails and some are even sending actual cards (to help keep the postal service running).  Here are a few that I received:

-The Montanans for Rehberg Campaign sent me a card (which means they know where I live) with the words, “Merry Christmas” on the front and a family photo.  Inside the Rehberg family wished me a “Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season.”

Hmmm – two Merry Christmases in one card…

Senator John McCain sent an e-mail which actually had the word “Christmas” in it, “On behalf of Cindy, Meghan, Jack, Jim and Bridget, I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

McCain’s not afraid to say the “C” word…

-The Jon Tester campaign sent a “Happy Holidays” e-mail with a photo of Senator Tester and his wife (but no tractor).  The photo was probably taken on the farm.  The photo has a bow and Season’s Greetings written on it.  It does not say Merry Christmas…

I was hoping for a photo of the tractor decked out with Christmas lights on it – doesn’t anyone on Team Tester have an imagination…

-The Denise Juneau campaign sent an e-mail with the subject “Support the Spirit of Community” (for some reason) and it was a Happy Holidays e-mail with a wreath on it that had lights blinking.

I liked the wreath with the blinking lights…

Romney’s Taxes:

It appears Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney does not want to release his tax returns –which automatically makes people wonder what he is trying to hide.

Whoever is advising him not to release his past tax returns screwed up – it was a dumb move.

We already know Romney is a multi-millionaire (born with a silver spoon), but anyone running for public office should open the books on their past for all to examine (and poke fun at).

Huntsman Rocks:

Republican Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman is fast becoming one of my favorite candidates on the GOP side.

Besides rocking out with REO Speedwagon (the greatest rock band ever) in 2005 at the Utah State Fair, Huntsman showed us (on the David Letterman show) that he can still play. Read the article and see the video HERE.


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Important Holiday Message:

With all the eating going on, remember “Don’t forget to stretch.”