ESPN – We Got Games!

Congratulations to all those folks who contacted ESPN about airing the Montana Grizzlies and Montana State Bobcats Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) games this Saturday.

Montana won…sort of…

According to several sources, the games will be televised via pay-per-view on ESPN GamePlan for about $25.  It will also be streamed on ESPN3.  Contact your cable or satellite provider to get ESPN GamePlan.

Here’s the link to Optimum Cable (Sports).

While it’s not ideal, it does present the opportunity for more Montanans to view the games.

The Montana Grizzlies (9-2) will host Central Arkansas (9-3) on Saturday at noon.

The Montana State Bobcats (9-2) will host New Hampshire (8-3) on Saturday at 1:00.

In the NAIA, the Carroll College Fighting Saints semi-final football game will be televised on MTN stations across Montana.  It starts at noon on Saturday.

Lots of Montana college football this Saturday!!!  Are you ready for some football?????

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