Politics 2012: Campaign Ads

More and more ads are hitting the internet and your local television stations as we are getting closer to the first caucus and primaries for Election 2012.  Here at The Western Word, we’re searching every day for new ads – just for my faithful readers!

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For this week, here are seven that caught my attention. Enjoy!

1. The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) posted a 46 second video on November 14.  It’s called “$15,000,000,000,000… Siriously.”  The star of the video is a smartphone that they use to say “$15 trillion debt. 925+ days without a budget. 22 jobs bills blocked. Siriously.”  For those who think the NRSC can’t spell, Siri is a personal assistant on the iPhone…

2. An ad about “Senator Tester’s staunch belief that our 2nd amendment rights have gotten stronger since Obama took office, continually prove to be false” was posted on November 16 by “CantTrustTester” and later in the 54 second video “Paid for and authorized by Montanans for Rehberg” appears on the screen.

3. The Republican National Committee (RNC) posted a new ad on November 16 called “15 Trillion.”   The 30 second ad says that “In 2009, President Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. Instead, he has produced the most rapid increase in the federal debt of any modern president.”

4. Another ad posted by the RNC on November 17 is called, “How Obama Describes America”

5. The National Sierra Club posted a new 30 second ad on November 21 “highlighting Rep. Denny Rehberg’s efforts to block clean energy jobs at a time when American families are struggling to make ends meet.”

6. Mitt Romney’s “Believe in America” ad was posted on November 21.  The one minute ad says that Romney will take “a smaller, simpler, and smarter approach to government.”

7. Although this is not a campaign video, this one is worth a view – it’s a congressional hearing in the U.S. House that had some sparks between Alaska Republican Rep. Don Young and historian Douglas Brinkley. Rep. Young comes across like an angry old man (IMHO).  Be sure to watch the female staffer’s eyes (behind Young) during the exchange…

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