Thursday Numbers

Here we go – another Thursday is upon us and that means we’ve just about got this week handled!  Congratulations for making it this far!

“Thursday Numbers” is a look at some of the numbers in the news recently and often they are presented with a little commentary.

This week I take a look at the World Series teams, federal workers, unemployment, signatures for constitutional initiatives, a video, stamps, a couple of birthdays, likes of Occupy Montana, and much more, so read on…


According to ESPN, that’s the total team salary (98 million) for the St. Louis Cardinals, which ranks them 12th out of 30 teams in 2011.


According to ESPN, that’s the total team salary (91 million) for the Texas Rangers, which ranks them 13th out of 30 teams in 2011.

The New York Yankees are ranked first.  Their team salary is $196,854,630.  The Kansas City Royals are ranked last (30th).  Their team salary is $35,712,400.  Neither team made it to the World Series…


That’s how much money ($16 million) Matt Holiday made as the highest paid player for the St. Louis Cardinals.  Holiday is a Left Fielder (LF).  By the way, Albert Pujols makes a little over $14.5 million per season.


That’s how much money ($16 million) Michael Young made as the highest paid player for the Texas Rangers.  Young is a Designated Hitter (DH).


That’s the average amount of total compensation for federal workers, including health care and other benefits, received last year in Washington, D.C.


That’s the number of people who filed new claims for unemployment last week.  This is not good.


That’s how many total signatures are needed in Montana for a proposed constitutional initiative that, according to the Associated Press, “would require lawmakers to send any suggested changes to a law passed by initiative back to the ballot for another vote.”

If you are thinking the process is a mess, you are right…


That’s how many views the video “So you want to live in Montana” has on YouTube.  If you proclaim you are a third, or fourth, or fifth generation Montanan very often, then the following video is probably not that funny to you.  But, for the rest of us…ENJOY!

A favorite part…Female: “Do you own a horse?”  Male: “No.”  Female: “Everyone in Montana has a horse…in fact the drive-thru at your Starbucks will probably be called a ride-thru.”

It really hurt when he said he was considering throwing away his Kansas City Chiefs’ Joe Montana jersey…


On this date in 1977, we lost four members (three performers and the road manager) of the rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd in an airplane crash in Mississippi.

RIP.  May your music live on forever…FREEBIRD.


That’s how many people “Like” Occupy Montana on Facebook.

I am one of them…


According to the Associated Press, the 3.6 percent increase in Social Security compensation will amount to about $39 a month, or just over $467 a year, on average.


That’s the how much (in percent) the anti-depressant use in the United States jumped in a 2005-2008 survey period compared with the 1988-1994 period.

I can understand why…


A new poll from Gallup tells us that “Americans are more than twice as likely to blame the federal government in Washington (64%) for the economic problems facing the United States as they are the financial institutions on Wall Street (30%).”

What are you gonna do…


Happy 61st birthday to rocker Tom Petty!


Another poll from Gallup told us that “A record-high 50% of Americans now say the use of marijuana should be made legal, up from 46% last year.”

Legalize it and tax it, dude….


That’s how many exotic animals were killed near Zanesville, Ohio.  The owner released them before he committed suicide.

That was a sad situation all around…


That’s how much the price of a first-class stamp will cost effective January 22, 2012, after the one cent increase.

Gotta keep those remote post offices open…


Happy 40th birthday to the rapper Snoop Dogg!


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