Thursday Numbers

Happy September – now summer is really winding down which, in itself, is depressing.  But football is starting, so that should make things better!

Each week I take a look at some of the numbers in the news and out them in one nice place for all to see.  This week we talk about movie tickets, contracts, waste, unemployment, pay to play, fans, followers, taxes, and much more – so please read on…

558 Million

That’s the number of movie tickets sold so far this summer.  The season ends after Labor Day weekend.

The number of movies I attended this summer: 0. 

230 Million

Michael Vick signed a $100 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles this week.  Vick had signed a $130 million deal with the Atlanta Falcons in 2004 (before his legal problems) making him the only player in NFL history to sign two $100 million contracts.

My beagle does not like it when I write about Michael Vick…

12 Million

A new report out says the United States is “wasting $12 million a day among contracts issued in support of American efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Just imagine the uses for $12 million a day…


That’s how much money the University of Montana will receive for playing the Tennessee Volunteers football team Saturday night in Tennessee.  Montana was a cheap “date” this year compared to other schools being paid to play – according to this report.

I’ve heard it called something other than “playing” too.


That’s how many new claims for unemployment were filed last week.  Those are new claims – 409,000 of them.

Things are pretty bad and nobody seems to care…it’s a crisis folks.  A crisis.


That’s how much money Montana State University will receive for the football game they play against Utah tonight (Thursday) in Utah.

Once in a while a team wins one of these; this could be…Nah.


That’s the number of people who saw REO Speedwagon at the Montana State Fair, which was the second most attended show at the fair this year.  REO still rocks!

Bring them back!


That’s the number of “followers” @DennyRehberg has on Twitter (as of Wednesday afternoon).

If I had the unlimited use of staff and federal resources, I could at least get 10K followers…


The Associated Press reports: “A hearings officer Wednesday recommended Gov. Brian Schweitzer pay $4,100 in fines for violating state ethics laws, in connection with his taping and distribution of a state public-service announcement when he was a candidate for re-election in 2008.”

It took three years to come to this – three years!  The Political Practices office for the State of Montana is a joke.


That’s the number of “followers” @JonTester has on Twitter (as of Wednesday afternoon).

If I had the unlimited use of staff and federal resources, I could at least get 10K followers…


According to this article that’s the “portion of men holding a job—any job, full- or part-time” as of July.  The author also tells us that “a smaller share of men have jobs today than at any time since World War II.”

Crisis.  It is a crisis.


That’s the percentage of people in a Gallup poll who approve of labor unions.

I like labor unions…


That’s the percentage of people in a Rasmussen Reports poll who now think “Tea Party” is a negative description for a candidate; 29% think it’s a positive description.

But can the “Tea Party” folks hang on through the elections of 2012 before they disappear?

37 Years

That’s the number of years General David Petraeus spent in the U.S. Army.  He retired yesterday to take a job as the director of the CIA.

Petraeus had these final comments:

“As our nation contemplates difficult budget decisions, I know that our leaders will remember that our people, our men and women in uniform, are our military, and that taking care of them and their families must be our paramount objective.”

Good advice…and I salute you, General. Thanks.


That’s the number of NFL teams.  The first game of the season is September 8!

We are all undefeated!


That’s how much we pay in Federal gas taxes (per gallon).  Some people want to cut the Federal tax; the President does not.  By the way, Montanans also pay 27.8 cents per gallon of gas.  That’s a total of 46.2 cents per gallon.  How is your road?  My roads are not plowed in the winter and there is no yield or stop signs at intersections.


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