Kick the Tires…

I decided to change the “theme” of The Western Word (TWW), so take a look around and tell me what you think.

Kick the tires – and let me know your thoughts.  I think I had used the same type of set-up for TWW since I was on “blogger” way back in the day (January 2005), so it’s time for a change!

We’ll be Around:

The good news is I just renewed the contract to use name for another year with WordPress, so I’ll be around…God willing…

Fine Tuning:

We’ll be making some minor modifications to the site and adding a few bells and whistles to make your visits more enjoyable.  We’re like a business and we want you to come back again and again.  Remember – we’re an independent blog – we don’t belong to any political party or work for any candidate.

The Future:

Be on the lookout for a fall update to “Politics 2012: 10 Most Vulnerable Senators” in the next few weeks.  These two columns have received the most clicks ever at TWW.  If you Google “10 Most Vulnerable Senators” you’ll see for yourself.  They have also been linked to from several newspapers.

I’ll also turn to sports as football season is starting.  I’ll be doing my NFL predictions and thoughts on the season from a fan’s point of view.  Remember to follow @TheWesternWord on Twitter for updates of sports scores and for other neat stuff!

I may also do some hard news reporting – attending events and reporting on them for TWW – you can be sure that I would ask questions that some of the young reporters in this state are afraid to ask – or that the seasoned ones are too lazy to ask.  That would be fun…

Of course I will follow the candidates and comment on their views about the issues and how the campaigns are run – I have a vast amount of experience in the political world to see through the smokescreens put up by the candidates – so stay tuned!

It’s going to be fun – so check back often!  Thank you for visiting the TWW!

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