Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Today is “numbers” day.  There are new unemployment numbers out this morning, Gallup has a new poll out that tells us some amazing things, and a politician actually said something that is probably the truest statement to come out of Washington recently.

I also give my personal view about it all – so read on!

Thursdays are normally the day when the new unemployment numbers come out for the week.  Today we found that 414,000 people filed new unemployment claims last week. You can read the report HERE.

That’s down (16,000) from the week before, but it is still too high.  Look around and there’s a good chance someone you know is without a job.  Sadly, many folks have fallen off the radar (so to speak) in that they have stopped applying for benefits.

Gallup also released the results of a poll today that shows “Seventy-eight percent of Americans are now dissatisfied with the nation’s direction…”

The poll also shows the top two issues are the Economy in General (36%) and Unemployment (24%).  The Federal budget deficit and Healthcare are third and fourth on the list.

You can read about the Gallup Poll HERE.

People are pretty fed up with the direction our country is headed.  The folks in Washington mostly don’t get it (they have jobs).  Probably one of the more truthful statements about the problems our country is having came from U.S. Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) during his appearance on CBS News’ GOP Town Hall on June 13:

“…the reason our country’s at risk is because we think short term and about the next election, rather than thinking about the future of our country.”

Every press release, every statement, and every appearance is used to get votes to help the elected official in their next election.  As the elected official gets closer to Election Day, getting elected is all of their focus.

Most are afraid to take a stand, and since we have federal elections every two years, nothing much ever gets done.   When you see an official who has decided not to run for reelection – you just might see one who is free from the hassle of party politics, fundraising, and toeing the party line.

You might also see one who actually gets something done.

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  1. They all talk a good game until they all gather out east, then…….the bottom falls out. WTF???? It takes more than one to actually get anything done. That is also a bigger issue than anyone understands. The power of one cannot do it all. Example- Obama. And when they stub their toe, they get blasted. Many never get back up. Can you blame them? They still get paid if they do get up or if they do not get up. What’s up with that???

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