Which office do I go to get my reputation back?

Remember last June? No, not my summer vacation, but when President Barack Obama fired General Stanley McChrystal, who was the top military commander in Afghanistan.

McChrystal was fired after a Rolling Stone article was published that was somewhat critical of the Obama Administration.

Around that time, I wrote a column about the firing and ended it with these two sentences, “Hopefully we can get the rest of the story in the near future. Then, we may just see how inept the Obama Administration really is when it comes to dealing with our armed forces.”

Now we know just how really inept the Obama Administration was in dealing with our armed forces, especially in dealing with McChrystal and his staff: They were cleared of any wrongdoing. All of them. The Pentagon conducted an investigation.

Now, McChrystal and his staffers may be asking, “Which office do I go to get my reputation back?”

Face it, the Obama team screwed over a four-star General and several other people who were working under the General. McChrystal’s “low-level” appointment as an unpaid advisor to Mrs. Obama’s board to help military families (the board is a good thing) is not where we need Stanley McChrystal – and it certainly does not make up for what was done to him.