Reaching the Top Peg

The three-ring circus in Helena (Governor, House, and Senate) turned even more ridiculous on Wednesday with Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer vetoing several bills passed by the Montana Legislature.

Readers outside of Montana are probably wondering what’s so ridiculous about a governor vetoing a few bills because it’s done all the time across the fruited plains. Well, he vetoed them with a hot “VETO” branding iron on the steps of the capitol, which was described by a reporter for the Great Falls Tribune as, “…one of the most spectacular productions of political theater in the Democrat’s six years in office, Schweitzer applied red-hot branding irons to wooden plaques…”

All the bills were Republican-sponsored bills, but this column is not about the bills or their merit; it’s about how the one-upmanship of political theater in Helena reached the top peg on the stupid meter Wednesday.

And, it’s from both sides – although Wednesday was the Governor’s turn. It turns the voters off. It makes Montanans look like buffoons.

So what could the Republicans do after this “spectacular production” by the governor? They unveil their second branding iron of this legislative session (the first one was JOBS). This brand is just “BS” as in “Brian Schweitzer” or “Bum Steer” or maybe even Bull S***.

Yep, that’ll get ol’ Brian really good…but will it create jobs, lower fuel prices, etc.?

This morning it was announced that 412,000 people filed new claims for unemployment benefits. Thousands are from Montana. Gas prices are approaching $4.00 a gallon and may reach historical highs by Memorial Day – and these are just a couple of items that the Governor and the State Legislators should be working on – Together.

Maybe somebody will create a brand with that word…

2 thoughts on “Reaching the Top Peg

  1. Jack, always enjoy your stuff. Mr. Schweitzer has been in “candidate” mode for some time, Politico reporeted for President possibly. In your opinion, do you think that the branding iron pressers/video are good or bad the his “marketing” outside and inside Montana?

    • James – Thanks. I imagine about 50 percent of the people think he is cool and about 50 percent think he is a fool (both inside and outside Montana). -Jack

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