Come on…

Here we are about 71 days into the 90 day session of the Montana Legislature and they have done little to tackle the problem with drunken driving in Montana.

But we sure know which legislator receives health insurance through the state and we’ve seen our state take up the “birther” issue and that major piece of legislation, called the Cowboy Code, went down in flames.

And we pay these folks for this “work?”

As I’ve written several times before the Montana Legislature is a circus – a big three ring circus – but even the most cynical of people (like me) expect them to handle the major issues facing the state in a timely manner. The DUI problem in the state was THE major issue. Of course, medical marijuana and workers’ comp are a couple of issues, too.

Cutting ties with the Federal Government was not a major issue…

According to an editorial in the Billings Gazette, there are about six DUI-related bills up for consideration. In my opinion, all of them should be passed quickly. It is time to for Montana’s citizens to kick their legislators in the pants to get them in gear. Time is wasting.

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  3. THE major issue? No. No, it wasn’t. Not even close. Try again.

    Jobs. Natural resource development. Workers comp reform. Medical Marijuana. Jobs. Wolves. Eminent Domain. Jobs. All more important than DUI laws.

    • Judy – thanks for your comments – some are important issues. I mentioned workers comp and medical marijuana in the column, too. Jobs are not created by the government, but they can create a better atmosphere for job creation by businesses in the state (less regs, tax relief, etc.). DUIs kill and injure a lot of people in Montana – still think it was a major issue. Wolves? Maybe for a select few. -Jack

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