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Hey – you’ve made it through another week so congratulations are in order! Spring can’t be too far away, right? RIGHT?

For your trouble this week, I present you another edition of “Caught My Eye” where I take a look (sometimes sarcastically) at stories that I did not have time to write about during the week.

This week I take a look at Montana’s two drunkest cities, a special funeral request, the stuff in my political inbox, a job opening, aliens, and much more!

So sit back and relax and enjoy the read… 

Hello Bozeman & Butte:

Congratulations (maybe not) to Bozeman and Butte (Montana) for coming in as the fifth and fourth drunkest cities in America! Read the story HERE, then forward to the Chamber of Commerce. Cheers!

Elizabeth Taylor:

You probably heard that she passed away this week. There was a special request for the funeral. According to this story:

“The service was scheduled to begin at 2 PM but at Miss Taylor’s request started late. Miss Taylor had left instructions that it was to begin at least 15 minutes later than publicly scheduled, with the announcement, ‘She even wanted to be late for her own funeral,'” a statement from the late actress’ rep to Access Hollywood read.”

Top Four:

According to a new poll from Gallup, the top four potential GOP presidential candidates are Mike Huckabee (19%), Mitt Romney (15%), Sarah Palin (12%), and Newt Gingrich (10%). The rest of the potential GOP candidates are under 10%. See the results of the poll HERE.

So Sorry:

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) offered a letter of apology to U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D-Mont.) yesterday about their claim that Tester was the 60th  vote for Obamacare. Tester claims he was only number 52. It’s worth a read so click HERE.

The Political Inbox:

Just about every week I take a look at some of the political e-mails that arrived in my e-mail accounts and offer some commentary…

-U.S. Senator Jon Tester sent me an e-mail with the subject “Sunshine Week” in which he writes “It’s Sunshine Week — a nationwide initiative to promote open government and freedom of public information.” Tester wrote that he is “the only member of Congress to conduct regular, independent ethics reviews of my office.”

Tester promised yearly ethics reviews as a candidate, but after four years he has only done a couple – and he used party insiders to conduct them. These “ethics reviews” are a joke and if the media didn’t love him so much, they would see through his smoke screen. As for a daily schedule on his website, that is another joke…

-Vice President Joe Biden sent me an e-mail with the subject “William’s future” about a child in Minnesota that has been helped with the new health reform law.

At least the VP did not write that this is a big F***ing deal…

-2012 Montana Governor Candidate Rick Hill sent me an e-mail to let me know he has a new website, and he’s on Twitter, and Facebook.

Hill has been out front of most of the candidates for seats in 2012 in getting his campaign off the ground. Check out his website HERE.

-The Rehberg for Senate campaign sent me an e-mail marking the one-year anniversary of Obamacare writing, “As long as Jon Tester continues to be our Senator, we will not be able to overturn Obamacare. It takes just four seats to wrest power away from Harry Reid and restore a conservative majority.”

I’m thinking this senate race will cost about $10 million (for the winner)…

-The Jon Tester campaign sent me an e-mail with the subject “Quick thought” in which Tester’s campaign manager writes, “Val, our finance director, is right: Our early success has everything to do with grassroots supporters like you. And that’s why we’re thinking big. We’re going to raise $50,000 online before our campaign’s first fundraising deadline — March 31.”

I’m thinking this senate race will cost about $11 million (for the winner)…  (The cost went up since the last paragraph).

Job Opening:

Being one that is looking for a job, I guess there’s a job opening at Reagan National Airport for an Air Traffic Controller. One requirement is that you have to stay awake between 10 pm and 6 am.

I suggest a Red Bull about 9:45 pm and 2:30 am…or take a 5 Hour Energy Drink about 4:00 am and when you get off work, you can mow the yard, rake leaves, scoop snow, or go for a run…

I want to Party with Sammy!

I saw Sammy Hager with Van Halen in the mid to late 80s. It was the 5150 tour (great concert) and during one part of the concert Sammy was up high on the rafters in the arena singing. After reading this story, maybe aliens helped him get from the stage to the rafters very quickly…

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