Mansfield-Metcalf Dinner

I happened to get an invitation via e-mail from U.S. Senator Jon Tester to the annual Mansfield-Metcalf dinner on Saturday, March 12 in Helena.

Most of the time I take these invites and place them in the trash folder, but this one caught my attention.

Yes, it is a fundraiser for the Democrats ($50 per ticket) and there will probably be a lot of talk about how great they are for America and how terrible the Republicans are for America at this event. That’s what political parties are designed to do and the “meat and potato” members attend these events.

The real reason for this column is not to talk about Democrats or Republicans and their theories on how one side is better than the other, but it’s to talk about one of the speakers for this event.

The Assistant Secretary of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is speaking. Her name is Tammy Duckworth. Duckworth is a hero in my opinion. She used to be the director of the state Veterans office in Illinois before she was tapped for her present position by the President.

She also served in Iraq, and according to a press release from the VA, as a “helicopter pilot flying combat missions in 2004, she suffered grave injuries when her helicopter was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade, losing both legs and partial use of one arm.”

Duckworth never quit. She is a beacon of light for those veterans who have suffered severe injuries during their service to our country and she is in a great position to help veterans. You can read her official bio HERE.

There’s also an opportunity to help Montana troops during the dinner by bringing items to put in care packages that will be sent overseas. That’s another good idea.

Of course there’s always a hint of politics in everything that political parties do, not to mention one-upmanship, but helping our troops and hearing from an inspirational veteran is something that is really really good in my book.

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