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Congrats on making it to another Friday! Do you know that Christmas is just 37 days from now?

This edition is a little late in being posted due to a glitch in WordPress, but I managed to work around the glitch with the help of WordPress tech support! 

This week several stories from around the globe grabbed my attention so they have received some mention in this edition of Caught My Eye!

If this is your first time stopping by The Western Word, “Caught My Eye” is where I comment about the stories that I did not have time to write about during the week – and sometimes I add just a little sarcasm…

The Greatest of Great Falls 2010:

The Great Falls Tribune did their annual popularity contest and the results were listed in last Sunday’s paper. There were some interesting winners and a few upsets. There were also a couple of interesting categories in the print edition: Best Asian and Best Mexican.

I wonder why they did not have “Best American” and “Best Canadian” categories…

From the Political Inbox:

-The Montana GOP planned a “Victory Feast” in Helena on November 18. The cost: $100. Again, they must realize that I can wolf down some food because they wanted to know ahead of time if I was coming. They asked, “If you’re planning to come, we need to hear from you by Monday at noon so we can order the right amount of food.”

Maybe next time they should pay me and then I’d show up, give a speech, and eat their food….

Barack Obama’s “Organizing for America” team sent me an e-mail with the subject, “We Did It Together.”

Yep, we sure did. It was, as the President put it, a shellacking.

Senator Jon Tester sent two e-mails this week with the same subject, “Here They Come” and with the same request and cry for help. One was from the Tester campaign and one was from the Montana Democrats.

He writes, “Newly elected Senators and Representatives haven’t even been sworn in, and Republicans are already spending $22,000 to attack me on the radio and candidates are jumping into the 2012 Senate race. It’s not even Thanksgiving, and they’re already starting the next campaign.”

The young Senator should realize that $22,000 is a drop in the bucket to what will be spent in the upcoming 23 months. Pay-backs are hell…

Good Choice:

It was nice to see the Republican House members select Mike Milburn as Speaker. Good man. Rancher. Fighter pilot. Probably would be a good candidate for U.S. Senate, too.


Highway workers left the electronic box on a highway sign open or unlocked and an enterprising person typed, “Caaution Zombies ahead!” Funny. Maybe they should take some spelling classes, too.

Mark this Date:

Did you know that November 19 is “World Toilet Day?” Seriously. The World Toilet Organization (WTO) is the force behind the day. They also started the World Toilet College. No, I don’t know if they have a football team.


If you are a fan of “Dancing with the Stars” then you know that Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, has made the finals.

At least one person was not that happy with Bristol’s success and took it a little too far. Here’s the story. There are a few people who are unhappy with Bristol making the finals. They should just get over it.

Still Rocking:

69 year-old Ruth Flowers is a DJ – she plays rock music. She goes by the name of “DJ Mamy Rock.” Here’s the story.

I could see myself spinning some REO Speedwagon at age 69…79…89…


New York Congressman Charlie Rangel had ethical problems. The House Ethics Committee recommended censure. What is censure? Censure is like your father saying you are grounded on a Thursday night. You still get to drive your father’s car (the BMW) on Friday and Saturday…and you still receive your weekly allowance.


There’s a new Facebook page: Montana Needs Denny Rehberg for U.S. Senate

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