Caught My Eye…

Here we are – another week is just about in the books. You’ve made it to another Friday and another edition of “Caught My Eye…”  Thanks for showing up, again!

Using just a little sarcasm, I take a closer look at some of the stories that I did not have time to comment about during the week – the ones that “Caught My Eye…”

This week we “free the tubes” and show some anchor versus reporter spots. I also talk about the man with the golden foot, a girl in a song, ETAC, fast-food, and…Christie Brinkley.

So grab a cup of coffee, relax and enjoy the column…

Tube Free:

I’ve seen a lot of stories about groups protesting that tubes were not free. You probably remember people with signs reading, “Free the tubes” at the local supermarket, huh? It has happened – they won – are you ready for tube-free toilet paper? Click HERE.

Anchor v. Reporter:

Being someone who has a little experience in reporting the news, this clip is an example how a live broadcast can go into the tank!

Here are some more humorous moments in broadcast journalism. Click HERE.

The Girl in the Song:

Hey classic rock fans: Have you ever listened to a song and wonder who the girl is that inspired the song? There’s a new book out titled, “The Girl in the Song: The True Stories Behind 50 Rock Classics” that may have your answer. The big news is that “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel was not about Christie Brinkley…who was in the video. Christie (we are on first-name basis) also had a part in one of my favorite movies, National Lampoon’s Vacation. Holiday road….oh, oh, oh…which has nothing to do with the book…

Un-Happy Meal:

Leave it to San Francisco. No toys with unhealthy meals. Try to tell little Johnny that when he throws a fit for not getting a toy with his Chicken McNuggets.

There will be fries on the floor…

Left in the West:

One of my favorite Montana blogs “Left in the West is losing a couple of their writers, Jay and Matt. LITW has been around almost forever. They did a tremendous job and were one of the places I went to get the scoop and their views. It was linked to this website as one of “The Blogs I Read.” Best of luck, fellas.

Update on the ETAC:

It is shocking, but the initiative on the ballot in Denver, Colorado, to establish an Extra Terrestrial Affairs Committee (ETAC) failed on Tuesday. About 82% of the voters were against it.

Maybe someone in Great Falls would be interested in taking the lead on this..maybe the airport board…or better yet maybe have the board in Missoula. I hear there are some space cadets living in Missoula…the truth is out there…

Job Seekers:

There’s a job opening in Tokyo. Uniform provided. The pay is $31,000 per hour. Click HERE for details.

You can’t make this stuff up:

A 19 year-old dressed up like a breathalyzer machine for Halloween. Yes, you read that correct, a breathalyzer machine. The “machine” was busted for driving under the influence and minor in possession. For the story and photo, click HERE.

Social Networking 101:

Ever have one of your friends post something on Facebook and you think, “What the heck are they thinking?” Yep, me too. This *post got this woman in trouble. *The story contains some filthy words…

Golden Foot:

Congratulations to former Montana Grizzlies kicker Dan Carpenter. He has a golden foot. He was 13 for 13 in field goals in October for the Miami Dolphins. In two straight games he was five for five in each and he was named AFC Special Teams Player of the Month for October.

Getting a mention in “Caught My Eye” was probably a big honor for Dan, too….

Thought of the Week:

Personality has the power to open doors, but character keeps them open…

TWW Still Standing:

We see a lot of Blogs pop up around election time and then fade away after the election is over. The Western Word has been in existence since January 2005. There are no plans to shut it down. Readership the last two months have been the highest in history, and more people are following me on Twitter than are following some of Montana’s major daily newspapers and a couple of elected officials. I plan on riding this wave for the foreseeable future. Someone has to keep the politicians in line. Besides, the circus starts in Helena this January!

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter!


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