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Here we are – another Friday and it’s time for another edition of “Caught My Eye…”  This weekly column is when I take a look (with a little sarcasm) at some of the stories that I did not have time to comment about during the week.

This week I take a look at German photos, a corn dog assault, my inbox, Halloween, Campaigning in Missouri, and I offer up some predictions. And, there’s more!

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s look at the news…and pass on the link to your friends…


Campaigns are hectic and fast-paced to say the least. It can really hurt the candidate if his/her staff makes a mistake. A North Carolina legislator mistakenly showed a photo of German soldiers instead of Americans in a campaign flier about Veterans that was sent to 10,000 homes… Ouch.

Do they call him Big Mac?

A manager of McDonalds won a $17,500 judgment from the franchise after he gained 65 pounds from working there for about 12 years.

He must have been “super-sizing” his meals…


Speaking of food, a man was charged with assault for attacking his girlfriend with a corn dog. It had mustard on it. It was a state fair corn dog.

What is the world coming to? C’ Mon man…

UFO Drills:

Maybe they should teach this in schools around Montana because of the stories about UFOs?  The Truth is Out There…

From My Inbox:

The political e-mails are flowing; here are a few of my favs…

-Vice President Biden sent me an e-mail with the subject, “Jack, can you chip in?” I received another one from him telling me to “Dig deep, right now.” Then, President Obama sent me an e-mail with the subject, “Jack, chip in what you can.” Not to be outdone, Michelle Obama sent me an e-mail with this message, “Jack –None of us can sit this election out.” She must not know “Chip.”

-John McCain’s e-mail hit my inbox with the message with the subject “The Final Five Days.” He urged me to send money to help counter the Obama campaign machine. McCain is up for re-election himself – but he is up by 25 or so points.

-The Montana GOP is preparing for victory with parties in Missoula and Helena. They asked me to RSVP because, “Letting us know in advance that you’re coming helps a lot with the preparations.” I can also be sponsor: “For $100, you can be a “Kick Jon Tester to the Curb!” sponsor, which includes recognition and publicity at the event as well as two individual tickets.”

It’s interesting that someone working in the MT GOP is actually thinking ahead…

-Speaking of Tester, he’s been busy sending e-mails telling subscribers that the Democrat Get Out To Vote (GOTV) machine is heading to the major cities across Montana Saturday through Monday. Max Baucus sent the same e-mail a day or two later.

-The Cascade County Democrats were so proud that “GOVERNOR BRIAN SCHWEITZER WILL BE IN GREAT FALLS ON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27, AND WILL BE GOING DOOR-TO-DOOR WITH GARY LUCERO” that they put the message in all caps.

-James Carville in an unusually short e-mail (for him) sent me an e-mail with the subject: “Folks.” He wrote, “Six days left. That’s less than a week, folks. And it’s tight.”

Witchy Woman:

I wonder if Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell will dress as a witch on Halloween… and that reminds me of a song: “Raven hair and ruby lips…sparks fly from her finger tips…Echoed voices in the night…she’s a restless spirit on an endless flight…wooo hooo witchy woman, see how…high she flies…woo hoo witchy woman she got…the moon in her eye…”

Candy for you…candy for me…

Ever wonder what Great Falls Tribune reporters do around Halloween? They discuss candy…and record a video about it. You can see the video HERE. It’s nice to see the Tribune branching out – now if they would just learn how to Tweet…


Montana U.S. Senator Jon Tester was in Missouri this week campaigning. Yes, Missouri. Most folks remember that Tester made a big issue out of Conrad Burns being born in Missouri, but now it appears he’s made a sacrifice to travel there to help a Missourian (Robin Carnahan) get elected. More importantly, I’ll bet Tester’s big reason for going to the Kansas City area was for some BBQ. Here’s a photo from Carnahan’s website (Does he have BBQ sauce on his shirt?).

Carnahan is calling the trip with Tester “The Bull Stops Here Tour” and even I cannot make stuff up as great as that…

Don’t Forget to Vote:

My ballots are in! It’s not too late to register and vote in Montana. We do have a say in who represents us, so get out and vote!


Many people ask me to predict the outcome of U.S. House and Senate races. So here goes: The GOP will win 51 seats in the House (and take over the majority there). The GOP will win six seats in the Senate, but will still be in the minority…until 2012 when they will take back over the majority.

Rehberg/McDonald: That race will be called for Rehberg between 9:15 – 9:45 Montana time on election night, so Rehberg will head back to Washington. As for McDonald, I hear he may appear on an upcoming episode of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”…



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  1. “folks” will be the most overused word by politicians. “folks” will get really sick of it. but “folks” in these parts will hear it from “folks” who are now in office and picked up the constant use of “folks” from the “folks” in DC. I guess folks just need to chip in.

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