Politics 2010: It’s Getting Interesting!

Here are some of the interesting political things happening around the country just a week out from Election Day 2010. Some are kind of funny…

Montana – MRLCC:

Montana Republican Legislative Campaign Committee (MRLCC) Treasurer Gary MacLaren resigned from that committee after he figured out his name was being printed on the negative flyers being sent out across the state. Since he was already an elected candidate, this sounds a little strange that the state Representative did not know about this. MacLaren was replaced as treasurer by former GOP Executive Director Jake Eaton, which gave the Montana Democratic Party some meat to chew on.

Every time I hear about the MRLCC, I think about the January 2010 e-mail from them where they told us it was a “sacrifice” for Montanans to serve in the legislature: “These men and women have agreed to sacrifice time away from their families, their careers, their friends, and their businesses to serve our state.”

I’ve said before, maybe the leaders of the MRLCC should serve in the military to see real sacrifice. It’s sure not a sacrifice to serve in the Montana State Legislature.

Montana – Economic Development. Really?

I found it interesting that within two weeks of election, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is on TV with an advertisement touting Montana being one of two states that has a surplus. It’s supposedly to attract businesses to Montana.

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but politicians like Schweitzer don’t do things like this without thinking them through and probably hoping it will help his party on Election Day. Schweitzer is still the best at politics in Montana – something that eats the GOP alive.

Nevada – Default Voting Machines:

Harry Reid’s name was already checked on the voting machine when some voters went to the polling place. It’s a conspiracy! Just kidding. Harry Reid did save the world, so getting a voting machine to default to his name should be a piece of cake.

Nevada – Fraudulent Marriage:

One of Harry Reid’s staffers was found to have been involved in a fraudulent marriage to help a non-citizen obtain citizenship. Poor Harry…there’s only a week left…

Florida -No Texting during Debates:

During the Florida Governor’s race debate, one of the candidates received a text message from her campaign during a break in the debate. After the debate was over, candidate Alex Sink fired her staffer.

Kentucky – Step on it:

A county coordinator for the Rand Paul campaign in Kentucky stepped on the head of a Moveon.org person at a debate last night. First, who would schedule a debate during Monday Night Football. Second, the person nicknamed “Kentucky Stomper” has resigned as a coordinator.

Just Vote:

No matter what wacky things are happening across the country, make sure you vote.  You have a say in who represents you!