Football: Suspension

I mentioned briefly in my column yesterday about the undisciplined Montana State Bobcats football team, particularly the defensive player who took a cheap shot at Drake QB, Mike Piatkowski, knocking him out of the game.

The Bobcat player, who will go unnamed in this column, was called for a personal foul. I believe it was his second personal foul of the day.

It appears the hometown newspaper of the Montana State Bobcats has at least one person who feels the same way. You can read that column HERE.

Today we find out that the Bobcat player was suspended for one game by his head coach, Rob Ash.

Good. That’s a start.

Not very many college football players at the Bobcat level make it to the big show (the NFL). It’s important that they learn some life lessons before the cheering stops and they are out and about in the real world.