Getting Hammered

In the political world, the perception is that Democrats are mostly anti-business and Republicans are mostly pro-business.

That perception may be true. A case in point is what happened in Montana this week. The Associated Press (AP) headline read “Schweitzer corners Travelocity over tax dispute” with the first line saying the Democratic Governor “hammered” the company. You can read the story HERE.

By the way, Travelocity announced they were going to sponsor Montana festivals and promote the state.

Thank you, Travelocity, for investing in Montana – we’re sorry our Governor acted like a moron.

Maybe thencompany does owe Montana some taxes, and if they do they should pay up, but that’s something that should be discussed in face to face meetings. In fact, the issue may have to be decided in a court of law and not in the Governor’s office just so he can “perform” for the media.

Other businesses looking to relocate or expand will undoubtedly notice what transpired between the Governor of Montana and Travelocity. I imagine some will chose to do business elsewhere so they can keep from being “hammered” by the Governor if he believes they owe his state money.

With the unemployment rate in the United States sitting at 9.6% and in Montana around 7.2% hammering companies that want to invest in your state is, to say the least, very ridiculous. It is certainly not in the State’s best interest.


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  2. Even sadder: the number of press releases from Baucus’ office over the two days, which indicate that Baucus himself deigned to descend from on high to produce this magnificent, enriching, and awesome summit. He took credit for just about everything.

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