Local governments are always looking for ways to “stick it to the little guy or gal” it seems.

If you look at your utility or tax bills, you’ll see all sorts of taxes and fees just to live where you live. By the way, politicians like to use the term “fees” as this keeps them from saying the “tax” word and angering voters.

It was not really a surprise when I recently read that the City of Philadelphia is charging bloggers $300 per year for a “business privilege license” because they believe blogging is a business.

They consider blogging a business because some bloggers receive a little money for advertisements that run on their blogs. The bloggers reported this as income on their taxes and “BAM” here comes the local government bloodsuckers to get their share.

Unfortunately, most bloggers receive a lot less than the $300 that the City of Philadelphia has decided to charge.

Blogging is a lot more of a hobby to most of us than a business. Sure, some bloggers want to be discovered and make it to the big time in the writing world and many of us are better writers than those who get paid to do it. But to most of us, it’s just a way to express our opinions because the newspapers, television and radio reporters do such a poor job in reporting the news – not to mention the editorial boards, columnists, and opinion writers just don’t do justice to most issues or see the issue from our point of view.

So bloggers beware – the government is coming after us. Can fees for Tweets and Facebook updates be far behind?

It’s time to unite and fight!