Stolen Valor

Let me see, my military medals include the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts.

I’m lying about earning those military medals to make a point, but a Federal Appeals Court in California says that is just fine. They ruled 2-1 today that it is OK to lie about one’s military medals because it does not harm anyone and it’s a violation of free speech not to be able to lie about the medals.

That’s a load of crap.

While I don’t have any major medals in my closet, I am proud of the several that I did earn. While we have made some strides in this country in showing more respect and admiration for the veterans and military members, this ruling turns the clock back.

Now Billy Fatbutt, who never had the balls to serve in the military, can pretend he’s a hero – a genuine Rambo – and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Let’s hope this one gets overturned on appeal when it gets to a court that understands and respects military men and women.