The AFC South

Today I take a look at the AFC South!

The AFC South is home to the Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts, and the Tennessee Titans.

Indianapolis Colts:

It leaves a bad taste in a team’s mouth to lose the Super Bowl. So what do you do? You come back and post the same record as in 2009 (14-2) win your division again and rest key players for the playoff run. Look for Peyton Manning to be even more serious this year. Face it, the Colts have one challenge left and that is to win another Super Bowl. Anything else is failure. If they stay healthy, look for them to fight with the Jets for supremacy in the AFC this year. Speaking of health, their season will also depend on how quickly center Jeff Saturday comes back after knee surgery.

The Colts are starting to feel a sense of urgency as their leader (Manning) is getting older (34).

Tennessee Titans:

Last season started terribly for the Titans, but they finished strong. How Vince Young does will set the table for the year. If he starts the season making plays and keeps the INTs down, look for the Titans to make the playoffs (10-6). Chris Johnson will have another big year, but the Colts are the winners of this division, again.

Houston Texans:

The Texans finished strong last year winning their last four and posting the first winning record in their team’s history at 9-7. There was a little too much celebrating and they fall back to 7-9 this year. By the way, the Colts continue to dominate the Texans and will take two more wins from the Texans this year. (The Colts are somewhere around 15-1 against the Texans).

Jacksonville Jaguars:

Unlike the Texans, the Jaguars lost their last four games last year and they may not get out of the funk this year. Look for them to finish 5-11.