Caught My Eye…

Happy Friday! Here are a few things that caught my eye this week that I did not have time to comment about here at The Western Word:

Tea Party Caucus:

In Washington they seem to form a “Caucus” for most everything (I think there are about 70) so I guess it was just a matter of time before a Tea Party Caucus was formed. According to a press release from Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachman (who in my opinion is not the brightest bulb in the pack) there are about 40 members including Rep. Denny Rehberg (Mont. AL).

Let’s just hope they don’t fly our flag upside down during their meetings.

Danger, Danger:

The Montana GOP issued a press release about sex:

The Helena school board is reconsidering the sex ed policy it recently debated, but families throughout the entire state of Montana face the possibility of having a similar curriculum taught to their children. Will Deschamps, chair of the Montana Republican Party, pledged that the MT GOP would lead the fight against a statewide version of that policy.

With so much state and national exposure about the Helena School Board’s sex education plan, I figured it was just a matter of time before the GOP jumped on board to use it as a campaign tool.

The Press and Politics:

Here in Montana, there does not seem to be much separation from the press corps and the Montana Democratic Party. It became more evident last week when the Montana Democratic Party announced that they had hired Martin Kidston, a reporter from the Helena Independent Record, as their new communications director.

Kidston is a veteran, so I salute him for that. As you know, I am a veteran and pro-veteran on most issues. I wonder how many veterans are on the payroll for the Montana Democratic Party and the Montana Republican Party.


I have been on unemployment in the past and probably will be again, so I was happy to see congress pass the extension of unemployment benefits. With the unemployment rate at record highs, this is an emergency in my book so if we have to borrow for it, OK, but we need to find some way to pay for it down the road. Sometimes the GOP just fails to look out for the little guy. Maybe it’s because many GOPers are richer than the average John and Jane Doe.


According to the House Ethics Committee, Rep. Charlie Rangel broke some rules. They did not announce what rules he broke yet, but they will at a later date. There will be a trial – possibly in September – and this is not what the Democrats needed before the mid-term elections.

Have a great weekend!


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