You Gotta Love Ellie Light

Most of my personal friends will understand why I love Ellie Light.  For those of you who don’t know Ellie Light, she is a lady who writes letters to the editor.

In her case, she writes pro-Obama letters, which is OK, because she is involved and supporting her candidate.  Getting people to write (or even sign) letters to the editor is a tough job as any campaign will tell you.  Ellie did it her own way, so she’s a champ! 

Ms. Light had letters to the editor published in what Patterico’s Pontifications reports is, “68 publications in 31 states and the District of Columbia, 3 national publications and a Yahoo link and 2 foreign publications”…and counting.

As Politico reported, Ms. Light is “a traveling nurse who works for 13-week stretches at hospitals around the country, and whose primary residence is in Southern California.”

I remember here in Montana a few years ago, one newspaper had some hand-written letters reviewed by handwriting “experts” to see if they were written by the same person.  They even did a story about those letters, in which the newspaper showed copies of them in their story, therefore getting the writers’ (or was it writer’s) views out in newspaper land for everyone to read – mission accomplished!

I also remember being told by some people who submitted letters in person at a newspaper office that editors held their letter up to a light to check to see if there was a watermark that matched other letters they had received.

Every campaign wants people to write letters to the editor on behalf of their candidate, because people who vote also read the opinion page.  Every candidate would be so lucky to have someone as dedicated as Ellie Light.