Derrick Thomas…sack king!

Great news today! The late Derrick Thomas was chosen a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame (HOF). The final list will be announced on Feb. 5, 2005.

Derrick died from an automobile accident in 2000. I was in Missoula, Montana, that day…I remember it well.

I remember the day he had SEVEN sacks in one game. He missed #8 and the QB threw a TD pass to win the game.

The Chiefs sure could use a couple linebackers like him in old KC again.

Ironically, the Kansas City Star, as of this posting, has not even listed this news on their website. Shame on the KC Star!

Other notables are Dan Marino, Steve Young (both deserving) and Michael Irvin. If your search Google for Michael Irvin and then search within the results and add the word, Cocaine, many stories appear. Hopefully the final selection committee will do some searching and say he is unfit for the HOF.