Preparing For The Race

I am proud to announce that “Preparing for the Race: 50+ Questions for the Potential Candidate” is my latest book, and it is available now through

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Over the past almost two decades I developed a list of political questions while observing candidates running for office. We’ve all watched as candidates were blindsided by something found in their past, or someone coming forward with information about them. This happened because someone did not check into the background of the candidate very closely or put them through a “vetting” process.

Quite possibly if someone would have asked a candidate these questions before they ran, it might have saved their campaign or at least prepared them better to answer the tough questions.

I used the list to help several friends who were running for office, both Democrats and Republicans, and I have added questions over the years as I have seen candidates crash and burn.

I have done a lot of opposition research on candidates. People like me are always looking for that little nugget that might help our candidate win the race. This book will help in the vetting process of possible candidates. It will also help those who work for politicians or on campaigns to be better prepared. It has several “Helpful Hints” for the candidates and their managers.

For those who write about politics, this book will be helpful in asking the right questions. Voters can use the questions in this book to see if the candidate really understands what living in the real world means.

Face it, every election cycle we see candidates get blindsided by questions or by information that was found about them.

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