Campaign 2014: Loney v. Jacobson Part II

Back in the election of 2012, Democrat Tom Jacobson beat incumbent Republican Cleve Loney by 74 votes in state house district 25 (HD 25). It looks like there will be a rematch in 2014, which will make it one of the more interesting races to watch. Due to redistricting, the district is now HD 21. I am not a resident of this district.

Readers may remember that after the election, Loney filed a complaint with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices “alleging various campaign violations arising from the conduct at the Expo Park, Great Falls, during the General Election on November 7, 2012.”

The complaint was dismissed.

Last March I wrote:

One part of the complaint was about a state senator (Anders Blewett) who was not on the ballot and wore a nametag, and a candidate (Jacobson) who was on the ballot and who did not wear a nametag passing out chips, candy, and water to people who were waiting in line to vote at the Expo Park in Great Falls (MT). The commissioner’s report stated there was no evidence they talked to people about voting or who to vote for or even campaigned.

Basically they were just being really nice guys.

Let’s get real.

If you believe an elected official or a candidate is hanging out at a polling place and passing out chips, water, and candy only out of the goodness of their hearts, then I have some oceanfront property to sell you near Geyser.

Since chips, water, and candy is fine, what’s next? Maybe the local political parties and/or candidates can host a barbecue in the Expo Park parking lot on Election Day 2014. They can also serve water, pop, wine, and beer! Let’s make it a great day!

Jacobson also made a name for himself during his time in Helena at the legislature. Lee Newspapers had the story:

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