Tuesday’s Quick Hits: MT Gov Poll

So far there are five Republicans who have announced that they intend to run for Governor of Montana.

They are Attorney General Tim Fox, U.S. Representative Greg Gianforte, State Senator Al Olszewski, former State Senator Gary Perry, and Army veteran Peter Ziehli.

So today The Western Word asks, who do you think will win the Republican primary election for Montana Governor?

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The Wednesday Read

Life has never given me lemons. It has given me anger issues, anxiety, a love for alcohol, and a serious dislike for stupid people, but not lemons. – Unknown

Today’s topics include:

  • Q2 Breaking News (Gianforte)
  • Politics Stops at Water’s Edge
  • Special Day of Prayer

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Afternoon Extra: Montana Governor 2016

If an outsider looked at the Montana gubernatorial race, they would probably think that there’s no way that incumbent Governor Steve Bullock, a Democrat, can win re-election. But after examining his opponent, Republican Greg Gianforte, they could probably see why this race is competitive.

The Montana Governor’s race somewhat mirrors the presidential race: One side is tarnished in possible scandals and the other side basically turns people off.

It’s hard to get away from Gianforte – he’s on our TVs, radios, and on our computers.

Here are my very independent thoughts about Steve Bullock and Greg Gianforte with two weeks left before Election Day 2016. Enjoy.

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The Wednesday Read: New Juneau Ad, Bumper Stickers, MT Gov Poll Results

None are more unjust in their judgments of others than those who have a high opinion of themselves. – Charles Spurgeon

Today these items caught my attention:

  • New Juneau Ad
  • Bumper Sticker Mania
  • MT Gov Debate Poll Results

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MT Governor 2016: Next Man/Woman Up…

It looks like Montana Governor Steve Bullock (D) has a hard time keeping the seat warm in the Lieutenant Governor’s office.

Bullock has been in office since January 2013 (a little less than two years and 11 months) and already he is about to pick his third Lt. Governor.

Former Lt. Governor John Walsh quit his job as Lt. Governor when he was appointed by Bullock to the fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Max Baucus. Then Walsh unsuccessfully ran for the full term before quitting amid a scandal involving plagiarism. Now current Lt. Governor Angela McLean plans to step down to take a job with the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education.

I’m sure McLean will do well in her new job – and she appears to be highly qualified for it. Nonetheless, the situation surrounding her resignation seems just a little odd. The Associated Press (AP) reported that McLean informed Bullock about her decision to resign only hours before it was announced she had accepted a new job.

While reading the AP’s timeline of events about the resignation, my first thought was, “Don’t they ever communicate?”

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To Be Repellent or Disgusting

The word “sucks” is apparently not appropriate to use on air at ESPN. At least that’s what an “Important Reminder” memo from a couple of VPs at ESPN said. The memo is posted on JimRomeneski.com.

Reading that memo got me thinking about how often I had used the word “sucks” here at The Western Word (TWW). As the creator and owner of TWW, I try to make it a tasteful blog, and I try to keep the “salty” language to a minimum. All comments are approved by me.

So I did a quick search, and I used the word “sucks” 19 times since this blog started January 2005. Each time I used the slang meaning for suck, “to be repellent or disgusting.”

Today, we can make that 20, so please accept my apologies.

Gallup recently released a poll that shows “Americans’ job approval ratings for Congress in 2013 averaged 14%, the lowest annual average in Gallup’s history.”

In shorter terms, Congress sucks at their job. That’s really the best way to describe it.

Of course, my members of Congress from (insert your state here) don’t suck. It’s the (insert Democrats, Republicans, Progressives, Tea Party) fault.

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