Just Football…

College Football


It looks like major college football is heading to another train wreck this season with four teams being undefeated at this time: 1. Oregon, 2. Auburn, 3. TCU, and 4. Boise State.

I won’t even get into the one-loss teams that had one bad game and may be playing some of their best football late in the season.

Oregon has three games left (one against a ranked team). Auburn has two games remaining (one against a ranked team) plus the SEC Championship game. TCU has two games left (none against a ranked team), and Boise State has four games left (one against a ranked team).

If there are more than two undefeated teams left, then we have a problem. My prediction is that we will have three undefeated teams going into the Bowl season and one will be left out of actually playing for a National Championship. Continue reading


Just Football…

It’s a lot more fun to write about sports than politics. So it’s time to take a time-out from politics and talk about football!

The Gunslinger:

In what would have made a great western movie, the game between the Vikings and the Packers would have been an instant classic. Continue reading

Happy 41st Brett Favre

Minnesota Vikings QB, Brett Favre, turned 41 on Sunday. In NFL years, that’s older than dirt.

The Vikings are in New York tonight to take on the Jets. The Jets…didn’t Favre play a year with the Jets? Oh yes, in 2008.

The Jets also employed a young lady named Jenn Sterger when Favre was there. That’s when the story gets interesting. Supposedly Ms. Sterger “may” have received some text and voicemail messages from Favre and, oh yeah, some photos.

There are also some other people coming forward…kind of reminds me of the Tiger Woods situation. The snowball effect.

You can read it all at Deadspin.com. Continue reading

The NFC North

Today, I take a look at the NFC North!

The NFC North is home to the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings.

Minnesota Vikings:

The Vikings are probably the most talked about team this off-season due to the Favre watch. With or without Favre, the Vikings will win the NFC North once again. They can win more games and go further into the playoffs with Favre, though. They fell one step short last year, losing to the Saints (in overtime) which was one of the best NFC Championship games of all times.

Adrian Peterson needs to hold on to the ball better this year. The defense, led by Jared Allen, will again tough this year. Look for the Vikes to roll into the playoffs at 13-3.

Green Bay Packers:

Face it Packer fans, the Vikings are where you want to be and you would still like to have the Favre problem because he whipped your team twice last year.

The Pack will need to improve their defense as the taste of giving up 51 points to the Cardinals in the playoffs last year still linger, but not as much as seeing their former QB have his best season ever – for a rival.

The Packers will finish the season at 11-5 and make the playoffs.  The Packers will suffer the “Favre Curse” which means they will never do better than the team that Favre plays for until he retires.  Pay backs are…

Chicago Bears:

Da Bears are still not there yet, but with their first three picks of the 2010 draft being defense, you know where the weakness is. Look for the Bears to finish at .500 this year (8-8).

Detroit Lions:

The last time the Lions finished above .500 was in 2000 (9-7). 2010 will add another year to that record. They did pick up defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh for their defense which will help some. Suh missed the first four days of training camp, so he will be playing catch-up throughout training camp. Look for the Lions to come in at 5-11 this year, an improvement from 2009, but not enough to satisfy the Lions fans, who have suffered way too long.