Politics 2012: Campaign Ads

There are some new campaign ads out since yesterday and since it has been a slow day, I thought I would post them here for your enjoyment!

In your journeys around the internet if you see a video that I missed, feel free to e-mail me the link!

This afternoon I’ve got the one from Huntsman about Romney, one from Romney about Romney, one from Paul about Gingrich and much more!

Some of them will leave a mark…

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Monday Morning Politics

Welcome to Monday Morning Politics!  This is where I take a look at some of the political stories from the weekend and put them in one place for your viewing pleasure – I also add some commentary.

Since we’re getting close to Turkey Day, it looks like the folks in Washington, D.C., will be serving up some turkey to all of us this week with the possible failure of the supercommittee to reach a deal.

In this week’s Monday Morning Politics, I write about the supercommittee, defense and donuts, guns, homeland security, the first female senator, Saturday Night Live, and much more!

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Politics 2012: Campaign Ads

The weather may be getting colder all across the fruited plains, but it’s heating up in the political world.  More and more political ads are being released as we get closer to the 2012 Election and here at The Western Word (TWW) we’re searching for them every day.

Here at TWW we’re going to try to publish as many of them as we can find, so if you see a political ad, drop me an e-mail with the link to it (western_word@yahoo.com) so I can publish it – and we can all enjoy it.

Today we have six videos for your viewing pleasure!  I’ve posted videos from the U.S. Chamber about Sen. Jon Tester, one from Rick Perry about insider trading, one about Jon Huntsman’s leadership skills, one showing Newt Gingrich’s best lines, one about Ron Paul’s plans to stop the financial crisis and finally, one that tells us that Washington could learn a lot from a drug dealer!

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Politics 2012: Campaign Ads

Since we’re within a year of the 2012 Election, we’re seeing more and more campaign ads hit the airwaves – and also some issue-related ads are out which can help or hurt candidates.

Here at The Western Word we’re going to try to publish as many of them as we can find, so if you see a campaign commercial, please feel free to send me the link to my e-mail address listed on the right side of the screen.

Today we have six videos!  They are about Veterans and the Postal Service, Huntsman’s weather vane, Romney hits Perry on illegal immigration, Cain on the EPA, a thank you to Max Baucus, and a thank you to Jon Tester.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Monday Morning Politics

Happy Halloween to my faithful readers!  That’s a real scary mask you have on today!

Almost every Monday I take a look at some of the local, state, and national political stories that were in the news over the weekend and put them in one place for all to see.

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CNN Presidential Debate

The GOP Presidential candidates invaded Las Vegas Tuesday to participate in the CNN Western Republican Presidential Debate.  Anderson Cooper was the moderator.

Headlines today range from “Candidates come out Swinging” to “Sparks fly at GOP event” to “GOP Front-Runners Catch Heat” to “Republican rivals get rough in Las Vegas debate.”  They are all true.

It was nasty.  It was contentious.  Some observers are wondering if the GOP will be able to unite after the primary is over.  Let’s take a look at it! Continue reading

Debates and Football

Gee whiz CNN – you should never schedule a CNN/Tea Party debate when there’s a super-duper double helping of Monday Night Football on.  C’mon man…what were you thinking?

CNN has the debate divided into four sections on their website.  So I watched it.  Today.  I nodded off during a Michele Bachmann tirade regarding Rick Perry and 12 year old girls.  Continue reading