Tuesday Commentary: Fees, Edwards, and Football

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Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, ‘It will be happier.’ – Alfred Lord Tennyson

Happy New Year! Today’s commentary deals with:

  • More Fees
  • What about Bob?
  • I Love Football

More Fees:

Our leaders in the state are sticking it to us once again.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle is reporting that drivers registering their cars and renewing their licenses in Montana should expect to see an increase in price in 2018.

How much is this going to cost me?

The Chronicle says that during the legislative session earlier this year, lawmakers decided to tack on a new 3 percent administrative fee for vehicle registrations and renewal fees to compensate for a shift in revenues away from the state’s Motor Vehicle Division.

I’d like to see our government at all levels do more with less.

What about Bob?

I have written about Cascade County Sheriff Bob Edwards quite a bit since his arrest in Helena made the news.

According to the Great Falls Tribune and other sources, Edwards was arrested and charged with assaulting a woman in a Helena hotel room during a Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association gathering. There were also reports that Edwards “put the gun in his mouth at one point.”

Tribune reporter Seaborn Larson wrote about the top crime stories for 2017 and Edwards made the list. Edwards did not like the story and took to Twitter to set the record straight:

Mr. Larson’s information about me is not correct. There is no Deferred sentence and no probation as stated. Yes deferred prosecution and charges dropped. I did not plead guilty or nor was I found guilty. @GFtrib_JStrauss 

I saw Edwards’ response and added this on Twitter:

Maybe if someone did interviews…

The background on this is that Edwards has refused to answer questions from the local press about his situation.

Edwards needs to grow up and meet the local press to answer questions about his actions at the event in Helena.

I have already said he should resign. He needs help. He is an embarrassment to law enforcement.

I Love Football:

I watched a lot of football over the past three weeks. There were some good games, but overall I think many of the bowl games were boring.

Since I watch a lot of football, both NFL and College, here are my 2017-18 football questions:

What’s a catch?
What’s a touchdown?
What’s a fumble?
What can cause an ejection?

Alabama and Georgia are in the College Football National Championship game.

Alabama and Georgia are members of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The SEC did not do too well in Bowl games this season, but they have the top two teams for the National Championship.

Reminder: The FCS National Championship is this Saturday. It’s North Dakota State vs James Madison. The game begins Saturday at noon eastern time.

Congrats to my Kansas City Chiefs for making the playoffs. They are the #4 seed in the AFC. They play Saturday afternoon. They host the Tennessee Titans. The game is scheduled to begin at 4:35 eastern time Saturday.

Am I excited about the Chiefs? Yes. Will they let me down again this year? Probably.

The good thing is that we, (the Chiefs) are in the big dance so anything can happen.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Commentary: Fees, Edwards, and Football

  1. New site works fine. Change is good.

    On other topics, Harbaugh’s Michigan team folds up and gives the Big Ten its only bowl loss (7-1). Time for Jim to go bye bye.

    My Vikes look like the team to beat in the NFC.

    Good luck to your Chiefs. Can they win in NE twice in a year?

    I’m guessing the AFC playoff teams are glad the Chargers didn’t make the playoffs. There is a team no one wants to play right now.

    Only 41 days until the 1st pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

    Happy New Year.

    • Rick – Thank you. The Vikings look great this year. That would be wild if they played in the Super Bowl on their home field. Not sure about the Chiefs, but I’d like their chances playing in NE again. Looking forward to spring! -JmB

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