TWW Afternoon Extra: “The evangelicals love me”

Shot through the heart and you’re to blame
You give love a bad name
Bon Jovi

Donald Trump won the white evangelical vote by historic margins.
I repeat…
Donald Trump won the white evangelical vote by historic margins.

How wild is that? Read on, but be warned, you might be offended….

I happened to catch the article in “The Hill” titled “How Trump won with evangelicals — and won big” which had this interesting paragraph:

Donald Trump won the white evangelical vote by historic margins, taking a bigger share with the group than Mitt Romney, John McCain and even George W. Bush did, according to exit polls.

Since this column is about religion and politics, let’s all shout, “Ho-lee Cow!”

Trump said several times during the Presidential campaign “The evangelicals love me.” I guess that’s true. But is it a “follow like sheep” love?

They loved him even after Trump said about women that he would “Grab them by the p—y.” Why? Some say they support Trump because he apologized. At least that’s what Bethel Church Pastor Bill Johnson wrote in this article. It took him about 1,300 words to say it, though.

I wonder how many words it would have taken for Pastor Johnson to justify his vote if Trump had murdered someone and apologized.

Evangelicals are all about forgiving others (that’s a part I struggle with because I like to get revenge) so no matter how many times Trump says, “Grab them by the p—y” he’s apparently “the man” to the white evangelicals.

I know, I know, I bet you’re thinking, “Those without sin cast the first stone…”

I remember years ago when I was following a well-known evangelical leader. I donated money to “spread the gospel” and watched his TV program often. Then came the story about him seeing prostitutes (it was not to “save” them from their sins, either). He apologized but I was not stupid enough to ever follow or watch him again.

I’ve since discovered that a lot of evangelical leaders play by their own rules, but that’s a column for another day.

I consider myself a fringe member of the evangelical crowd. I once was a Southern Baptist, but that bored me, although they actually had some rules. I am white, but I am more of a moderate person on most things “churchy.” I pray almost every day and read (listen) to my Bible. I like contemporary Christian music with electric guitars, drums, and keyboards. I like to dress casually when attending church. I made sure my kids attended church when they lived at home, too.

I also like to get church out of the way on Sunday before football starts at 11:00 a.m. (Montana time).

So this weekend did your religious leader use part of their sermons to talk about the presidential election, blah, blah, blah, blah?

If so, I’m sorry.

If you attended church this past weekend and your religious leader did not talk about Donald J. Trump winning the Presidential election, count yourself lucky – Jesus must really love you!

When I worked for a Republican-loved-by-the-evangelicals-white-politician I wanted my church leaders to bring politics up every week and tell their congregation how freaking terrible and satan-loving the Democrats were. Didn’t they know that Democrats want to abort all babies and give free stuff to those who won’t work?

Here’s a secret: In my travels, I have found that Democrats love this country as much as I do, and they love God as much as anyone, even evangelicals.

Breaking News: You can be a Christian and be a Democrat.

Our religious leaders should probably just shut up about politics, except to tell us to vote and to encourage us to pray for our elected officials and to pray for our country.

I recently heard a religious leader say something about the anti-Trump protesters needing Jesus. I think we all need more of Jesus in our lives, but I believe the deeper meaning he was trying to convey is that the protestors can’t be Christians if they are out there protesting about the bigotry of Trump.

I know a wife of a church leader who posts anti-left stuff and negative comments about left-leaning candidates and gets cranky if challenged, Sadly, I don’t think she could love a Democrat. I remember the 1980s Bon Jovi song titled, “You give love a bad name,” which I really want to send to her the lyrics to and add, “By the way sister, you give Christians a bad name.”


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