Politics 2016: Lawyers, Gowdy, Clinton, Flags, & Silverman…

Thanks for stopping by. Today your favorite independent blogger provides commentary about the follow issues:

  • Gianforte’s Cease & Desist Letter
  • Wittich Lawsuit
  • Gowdy to Campaign for Zinke
  • Hillary Clinton Shatters Glass Ceiling
  • American Flags at DNC Convention
  • Sarah Silverman

Gianforte’s Cease & Desist Letter:

What is it this week with Republicans and their lawyers? Republican legislator Art Wittich filed a lawsuit against someone who wrote a negative letter to the editor about him (See below).

Now Republican candidate for Governor, Greg Gianforte, had his lawyer send a letter to Montana television stations “urging them to stop airing an attack ad.” (AP)

This was the ad about public access. Gianforte was concerned about the ad saying he was from New Jersey and that he filed a lawsuit.

The Democrats are scoring points on this issue. Ironically it appears they are scoring more points with this issue than the Republicans are with the attacks on Governor Steve Bullock about the use of the state plane.

All this letter did was bring the issue to the forefront again. Fighting attack ads with lawyers very seldom works. In fact, KULR-TV in Billings already concluded, “that both statements are based in fact.”

I think Gianforte should embrace the fact that he picked Montana as a place to live and raise a family. I did the same thing. When I exited the Air Force I could have picked any place in the country to move to, but I picked Great Falls, Montana, just a few miles down the road from my last assignment, Malmstrom AFB.

So come on Greg…not everyone can be a native Montanan. Ask your friend Steve Daines…

Wittich Lawsuit:

Talk about ridiculous. The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports that Republican Rep. Art Wittich is suing a man who wrote a letter to the editor that was published in the Belgrade News. The letter was critical of the lawmaker.


The Chronicle reports that Wittich is seeking monetary and punitive damages from Rob Gregoire, also of Bozeman, according to court documents filed in Gallatin County District Court on Thursday.

A judge should quickly flush this frivolous lawsuit down the toilet. If there was an error made in the letter to the editor (that can be proven), a correction should be published in the newspaper. No wonder our courts are slow and overwhelmed by cases.

By the way, I don’t think there was an error in Gregoire’s letter.

Gowdy to Campaign for Zinke:

When I first heard that U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was coming to Montana to campaign for U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke, I wondered who the bright mind was that decided Gowdy would be a good fundraising attraction for Zinke.

Gowdy received his 15 minutes of fame as Chairman of the House Select Committee to investigate the 2012 Benghazi attack. This committee spent millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars to try and nail Hillary Clinton – and failed.

I watched several parts of the Benghazi committee hearings and wrote that Gowdy looked like a five-year-old trying to run a daycare.

Now all Gowdy has left is to use his fame to raise money for Republicans. That’s basically all the committee was formed to do – try to nail Clinton.

Gowdy will be attending fundraisers for Zinke in Kalispell, Hamilton, Missoula, and Bozeman.

Hillary Clinton Shatters Glass Ceiling:

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or something else, you should at least acknowledge it’s pretty extraordinary that Hillary Clinton is the first woman to win a major political party’s nomination for President of the United States.

It was also extraordinary when Barack Obama became first African-American to be elected President back in 2008.

These are remarkable, not to mention historic, times in our country. I’m glad I was able to see it.

American Flags at DNC Convention:

There was an internet rumor floating around that American flags were not being allowed at the Democratic National Convention. That’s false. You can see them on the stage and sometimes on the screen behind the speakers and in the crowd.

Snopes tackles the rumor HERE.

Sarah Silverman:

Probably one of the most memorable lines spoken (so far) at the Democratic National Convention came from comedian and actress Sarah Silverman.

When she and U.S. Senator Al Franken were attempting to introduce musician Paul Simon some of Bernie Sanders supporters were upset that Silverman said she was once a Bernie supporter and now she was supporting Hillary Clinton.

Several Bernie supporters booed loudly and Silverman replied with, “Can I just say, to the Bernie or Bust people: You’re being ridiculous.”


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9 thoughts on “Politics 2016: Lawyers, Gowdy, Clinton, Flags, & Silverman…

  1. For all the talk these rightwingers use about protecting the Constitution, they sure don’t seem to care about the 1st Amendment protections for individual freedom of speech and a free press. Tyrannosaurus Trump threatened the NYT’s credentials yesterday and has already blackballed half a dozen other press organizations.

  2. I believe the Wittich story is ridiculous as well, but I’m shying away from saying too much as we know how hard-up Wittich must be for money if he’s suing regular people for cash, so I don’t want to suffer his ‘wrath.’

  3. Ridiculous, huh? Because the DNC colluded with the Clinton campaign to ensure Bernie lost, because they bashed his religion or lack thereof, because the DNC chair was fired over all this but then got a cushy position with Team Hillary later that day?

    If that’s ridiculous then it’s plain to me the Democrats do not represent me.

    • Greg – The part of my column where I said it was “ridiculous” was about the Wittich letter to the editor lawsuit. Thanks for your comments. -JmB

      • “Several Bernie supporters booed loudly and Silverman replied with, “Can I just say, to the Bernie or Bust people: You’re being ridiculous.””

    • Being named an Honorary Chair of Clinton’s campaign is not a cushy job. It’s not job at all, just a face saving maneuver for DWS.

      They didn’t bash his religion, they schemed and rejected the idea of doing so. Some people call that “just spitballing ideas”.

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