Thursday Numbers

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In case you’re new around here, “Thursday Numbers” is the weekly column where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary sometimes sprinkled with sarcasm. Everyone and everything is fair game.

This week I write about a Jeb Bush fundraiser, unemployment, Hillary’s e-mails, the world’s oldest person being really old, it pays to grow old, Teflon Jon, the Montana Legislature, Americans for Prosperity – Montana branch, singer-songwriters, Ronda Rousey, the veto vote, Obamacare & the Supremes, and much more!


Former Florida governor and possible Presidential candidate Jeb Bush told some of his richest donors not to “give more than $1 million right away.” (Source)

This is good to know…


That’s how many new claims for unemployment were filed last week, which was an increase from the week before. (Source)


That’s how many pages of e-mails have been turned over to the State Department by Hillary Clinton from her time as Secretary of State. (Source)

It’s funny that current Secretary of State John Kerry is the first to have an official State Department e-mail address.


The world’s oldest person just celebrated her 117th birthday. (Source)


A restaurant’s policy to give customers a percentage off their bill on their birthday actually became a 7-cent refund for man who turned 101. (Source)

I guess that proves if you live long enough good things will happen…


On Tuesday, the Great Falls Tribune asked readers, “Do you think Sen. Jon Tester’s inaccurate statements on timber sale litigation in Montana will cause trouble for his political career?” As of Wednesday morning, 74% said “No.”

With support like that, we may have to nickname him “Teflon Jon.”


Head to your bunkers, folks! Today is the 46th day of the Montana Legislature. The legislators are back for the second half. It’s been a great circus so far with clowns performing daily.

Remember folks…”They may take our lives, but they’ll never take…OUR FREEDOM!”


The Montana branch of the conservative group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) released a 30-second television ad in which they tell viewers to contact state representatives Christy Clark and Rob Cook (both Republicans) and tell them to vote no on Obama’s Medicaid expansion. Watch it HERE.

AFP is what’s wrong with today’s Republican Party.


Here are the 25 singer-songwriters under 25 to watch.


Ronda Rousey beat Cat Zingano in 14 seconds in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 184. See it HERE

Ronda Rousey is a very good fighter…


The U.S. Senate failed to override the President’s veto of the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline by five votes. (Source)

Montana’s senators voted to override the veto.


The Associated Press contends that the fate of Obama health law subsidies rests with two justices, Anthony Kennedy and John Roberts.

I think Obamacare will survive this latest case…


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