Wouldn’t it be nice?

And wouldn’t it be nice to live together

In the kind of world where we belong

-Beach Boys “Wouldn’t it be nice”

It would be nice if we all lived in peace and harmony in a place where we could leave our doors unlocked, the keys in our car, and we would never worry about theft or vandalism.  When looking at our world, it would also be nice if every country in the world got along with one another and there were no wars or conflicts.  It would also be nice to have a safe world – a world where we do not need weapons to annihilate each other.  It would even be wonderful if there were no nuclear weapons in the world.

But we don’t live in a place like that.  I never have.  My children probably won’t either.

Today we are hearing that Iran is well on their way to developing a nuclear weapon.  The Associated Press reported, “Iran claimed Wednesday that it has taken two major steps toward mastering the production of nuclear fuel.”

We should be alarmed by this news.We also are hearing rumors (I Tweeted the story yesterday) about the Obama Administration having plans to cut the number of nuclear weapons possibly down to 300-400 deployed nuclear weapons.  That’s about 80% of our current nuclear arsenal.  You can read the whole Associated Press story HERE.

Let’s hope the people representing us in Washington, D.C., take notice.

For the supporters of Malmstrom AFB (in Montana), F.E. Warren AFB (in Wyoming), and Minot AFB (in North Dakota) if those deep cuts are made, then probably two of the three bases would close.  Those bases house 150 deployed nuclear weapons each.

But instead of worrying about the closure of the bases (if there are cuts down to the 300-400 range), even the halfhearted supporters of nuclear weapons should worry that these cuts may leave us very vulnerable – back to the way we were in the 1950s (several years before missile launchers dotted the landscape across the fruited plain).

It’s a given that President Obama wants to do away with nuclear weapons.  When campaigning for President back in 2008, Obama said, “It’s time to send a clear message to the world: America seeks a world with no nuclear weapons.”

That might be a nice goal, but it’s also a pipe dream.  Security and safety of our nation must always come first.  It’s easier to stay at a level that affords us protection and security than cutting too many nuclear weapons and finding out we are weaker in that department than other nations.  Plus, with countries like Iran well on their way to becoming a player in the nuclear game, we can’t let our guard down.

Peace through strength should still matter.

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