Just Football…

Since we’re near the end of football for this season, the time between games allows for bigger build-up, but waiting for the games is tough.  It’s a long time until Sunday at 1:00 (Mountain Time) when the next game starts – a long time…

It seems just last month that we couldn’t turn on the television without catching a football game.  Now it’s basketball…

If you are a first-time visitor, “Just Football” is my weekly column where I look at football from the NFL all the way down to High School.  This week I take a look at the discount double choke, paranoia in Kansas City, the Harbaughs, the Rams new coach, paying to watch, final polls, and much more!


Discount Double Choke:

The term “Discount Double Choke” was trending on Twitter late Sunday afternoon when the Green Bay Packers lost to the New York Giants.  Tweets such as “Rodgers will now have more time to do those stupid State Farm commercials” were also appearing on Twitter in one form or the other.

If you’ve read many of my sports columns here, you know I don’t care for the Packer organization because of the way they treated Brett Favre – so I was happy to see discount double check lose.  By the way, Favre and Aaron Rodgers have one Super Bowl win each.  Bart Starr leads Packer QBs with two Super Bowl rings.  Starr also has five NFL Championships (those were before the Super Bowl, which was first played in 1967).

The Harbaughs:

A few years ago I thought we might see the Manning brothers play each other in the Super Bowl.  That did not happen.  Now with Jim Harbaugh coaching the San Francisco 49ers and his brother John coaching the Baltimore Ravens, we might see them meet in the big game.

Jim Harbaugh has done a remarkable job in his first year with the 49ers – they were 6-10 last year – this year they are in the NFC Championship game.

Chiefs and Bugs:

No, the Kansas City Chiefs do not have termites or other bugs (that I know about).  Kansas City Star reporter Kent Babb wrote a story for Sunday’s paper with the headline, “Arrowhead anxiety: Turnover off the field causes concern” regarding the paranoia happening there since Scott Pioli was hired as general manager in January 2009.

Even former head coach Todd Haley was a little paranoid.  He “suspected that many rooms at the team facility were bugged so that team administrators could monitor employees’ conversations.”

It’s a good read.  One thing that can stop the paranoia is winning…

Rams sign Jeff Fisher:

The St. Louis Rams got a great coach in Jeff Fisher, and I think he should be able to turn around the franchise if given the time.  Fisher is 142-120 in regular season games, but his record in the playoffs is just 5-6.

Games to Watch:

This week we are down to just two games – the final four of the NFL!

-Baltimore at New England (Sunday at 3:00 Eastern time on CBS)

It’s the Ravens defense and the Patriots offense.  Something has to give.

-NY Giants at San Francisco (Sunday at 6:30 Eastern time on FOX)

The Giants have that look, but the 49ers are the new guys on the block.


Pay to Watch:

KRTV broke the news last night that the Big Sky Conference will announce a new TV deal today (Tuesday) which means “sports fans will have to buy a satellite or cable service to see most [Montana State] Bobcat and [Montana] Grizzly games” next season.

It seems sports teams (and conferences) want to squeeze every drop of blood out of us fans in making us pay to watch them. I made a stand a couple years ago that if it was not offered on expanded basic cable, forget about it.  I won’t watch it. 

Final Polls:

In case you missed the final FCS polls last week, the Montana teams did very well.  In The Sports Network/Fathead.com poll the Montana Grizzlies were ranked #3 and the Montana State Bobcats were #7.   In the FCS Coaches poll the Grizzlies came in at #4 and the Bobcats ended up at #7.

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