Politics 2012: Campaign Ads

There are some new campaign ads out since yesterday and since it has been a slow day, I thought I would post them here for your enjoyment!

In your journeys around the internet if you see a video that I missed, feel free to e-mail me the link!

This afternoon I’ve got the one from Huntsman about Romney, one from Romney about Romney, one from Paul about Gingrich and much more!

Some of them will leave a mark…

1. The Jon Huntsman for President Campaign quickly hit the internet with a 2:00 video called “Mittstant Replay” where they use footage from the recent Bret Baier interview on Fox News.


2. The Mitt Romney for President Campaign has a 30-second ad running in Iowa called, “The Right Answer – Iowa”

3. The Ron Paul for President Campaign has a 2:30  video on the internet called, “Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy.”

Double ouch…

4. The Republican National Committee (RNC) has a 19-second ad up called “Punches” where they use a speech President Obama gave on Wednesday in Scranton, PA.

5. The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has a 1:17 ad up called, “Obama’s America. Malazy” featuring President Jimmy Carter and President Obama.

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