Football: It’s Almost Over

The major college football season ended last night with Auburn beating Oregon for the mythical Bowl Championship Series (BCS) National Championship.

It was an entertaining game to watch. The 30+ days the teams had off showed as both teams were a little shaky in the scoreless first quarter.

I watched most of the 35 bowl games. Many were competitive and many had a lot of empty seats. About 32 of them were televised on the ESPN/ABC networks.


The most ridiculous penalty flag thrown this bowl season belongs to the Big Ten officials. This was where the Kansas State player was called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for saluting his fans after a touchdown. Apparently being patriotic does not set well with the Big Ten officials, and it probably cost Kansas State the game or at least a realistic shot at winning the game. I’m sure glad the Big Ten officials don’t referee a lot of the games featuring the Air Force, or Navy or Army…

Two Undefeated Teams:

Auburn finished their season undefeated. TCU also finished their season undefeated. It sure would be nice if we could answer the “what ifs” about major college football and actually see a team in this division play their way to a championship, but that is a least a few years away as ESPN has a deal with the BCS through 2013.

The fans will keep complaining and we’ll probably continue to see many empty seats at Bowl games – Bowl games that mean nothing.

I’ve written about the problems with the Bowl games the last several years, so there’s not need to rehash the whole thing, but there needs to be a 16 team playoff using the bowl games as playoff games. Just think this year if in the semi-finals on New Year’s Day we could have had the Rose Bowl and the Orange Bowl with Auburn and Stanford and TCU and Oregon!

Having 16 teams would still give the pollsters some input to set the teams, but it would also only require four more games for two of the teams to play in a real National Championship – that is already stretching into mid January. Plus, if you took the top 16 teams in the BCS standings this year, then teams like Boise State and Nevada would be in the big show and TCU would not be the odd team out. A team like Connecticut, which was blown out in the BCS Fiesta Bowl, would not have made it into the playoffs.

The BCS:

Of the five BCS games, three were competitive. Two teams, Oklahoma and Stanford, beat their opponents by 28 points each which shows those who made these matchups did not think them through. The BCS is designed to create exciting and competitive match-ups…and revenue. And revenue. Revenue.


So we now end another season of college football. Congratulations to the real National Champions like Eastern Washington University (Division I-AA), UW-Whitewater (Division III) and the Carroll College Saints (NAIA) whose fans, players, and coaches can sleep a little better at night knowing they are for real.

It’s only Tuesday:

So now we, the football fans, have to wait a few days for the biggest weekend of NFL football – the divisional round! Here are the games:

-Saturday: AFC-Ravens at the Steelers (2:30 p.m. MT Time on CBS). I am sore just thinking about it.

-Saturday: NFC-Packers at the Falcons (6:00 p.m. MT Time on FOX). Is the Favre curse over?

-Sunday: NFC-Seahawks at the Bears (11:00 a.m. MT Time on FOX). The Seahawks beat the Bears earlier this year.

-Sunday: AFC-Jets at the Patriots (2:30 p.m. MT Time on CBS). It’s personal for the Jets; it’s business as usual for the Patriots.

Don’t forget to stretch…