Sir, we’re missing six Cruise Missiles with nuclear warheads…

…other than that, we’re all secure.

It bewilders some of us who worked around nuclear weapons how six nuclear missiles could be strapped to a B-52 and flown 1500 miles across the United States and not be noticed. You know, they do have red signs on them for a reason? Many years ago, I worked around nuclear-loaded B-52s. They never took off with nukes on them because it was risky. This was the policy since around 1968 after six B-52s had crashed from 1959-1968 carrying nukes.

The bombs were loaded at Minot AFB, North Dakota, and flown 1500 miles to Barksdale AFB, Louisiana on a B-52. These “bombs” were attached to Advanced Cruise Missiles. They were even mounted under the bombers’ wings in plain site. They have yields of between 5 and 150 kilotons. Yikes. Although the warheads were not activated, this is still a very serious incident.

Pending the completion of the investigation, the squadron commander in charge of the munitions has been relieved and the crews responsible for loading them were relieved from working on or around nuclear weapons. Someone signed them out and that someone is in big trouble.

Of course there’s some propaganda being spread saying this was a whistle-blower telling us the Bush Administration is getting ready to use nukes on Iran. That’s kind of far-fetched in that they would not transport them to Barksdale AFB “strapped” under the wings of a B-52, but instead use cargo aircraft like the C-17 or the C-130.

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  1. I am still somewhat skeptical but very hopeful that this was just “a very serious accident”. The reason for my being skeptical is that I understand the procedures surrounding the movement and transport of these weapons, when we do transport them we do not transport them with a sign saying “ nuclear weapons stay back 27 miles”…. or manifest them as such. And no the procedures are just as tight as they have ever been, especially after 911. It would be easier to swallow this as an accident if it involved just one armed ACM not six. Understand besides very stringent security and paper work requirement in the movement there are structural differences between a ARMED conventional and nuclear ACM. Lets not talk about the little “RED” markings on the nuclear armed version. While lets say that the munitions crew did in fact screw up. Are we saying that the B-52Hs Crew Chief and Command Pilot were also asleep at the wheel? Again I am not much on conspiracies and understand that accidents happen. But if our military has degraded to this point then its time to clean house starting with the Joint Chiefs.I will also remind everyone here that war or an airstrike against Iran is not conspiracy theory its a strategically planned fact. The question is will the plan be executed and how?

  2. In Canada, we require a min. of 10 signatures in various log books to ship any munition by air, and since we are talking about nuclear ordinance here, that would require about 8 more. So what do we now have on our hands?Sabre-Ratting? Maybe. It doesn’t hurt, but then it never amounts to much either unless it’s backed up. Four years of huffing and puffing @ Kim Jong Il have only emboldened him to force the US to finally capitulate on most of their original demands. So no.Ineptitude? I don’t think so – not from 24 signatures, in a variety of log books, on two different bases spread across the country, all officially sanctioned by their immediates.Perimeter or Operations Test? Awfully expensive way to test operational procedure. The PSYOPS mouthpieces are in damage control mode though, so that argument is untenable.Covert Operation? Very possible. A covert operation to strike Iran (think Nicaragua\El Salvador 70’s) without the official sanction or oversight of Gates’ office, perhaps to shield him, in the event things go awry. [Remember: TWO bases involved here, so at least one person at the level of Lt. Commander or higher calling the shots. Conceivable? Maybe. Practicable? Definitely.The most tenable scenario though, is that this was an inside job, setup to ‘lose’ some nukes for a definite hit, either domestically, or internationally; but in either case, a false-flag operation. Why ? Because Cheney needs a poster-boy and a poster-incident to galvanize the populace around his plan to nuke Iran, and a false flag operation on American soil should do the trick.A) They were left on the tarmak for 12 hours, fully crated and completely un-guarded, i.e. for immediate pickup & delivery.B) They were fully activated and mounted in flight, no doubt to prove to the intended recipient that the weapons are fully functional and will operate as expected.Rogue military elements sanctioned or not, these people are playing a very dangerous game and ironically the only way back to a sane (i.e. Ron Paul) US foreign policy may rest with Vladimir Putin. The Russian Bear is fully awake as of late and he is understandably, none too pleased.

  3. Favorite line in one of the stories was the USAF Public Affairs person who said the ordnance team responsible had been ‘decertified.’Bet it was a rather decisive and unpleasant process as well. Hope they enjoy cleaning flight suits and restocking vomit bags in the ‘130s and ‘141s.

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